A tailor-made website for a company

The creation of a website is the first step in creating your identity on the internet. Reflecting on its graphics, having a unique and original logo is the first point of attachment of the average Internet user who relies in the first place on the visual aspect and quickly makes an opinion of the site on which it is located.

creation-website-seo-optimized In a second time there are the functions of this site. Navigation, how to find the information you want. Either by the menu, or not an image gallery, by a key word …
Each user according to his affinities and his instinct will find information in a different way. That’s why thinking about it and developing a site for a company is really important to encourage visitors to stay there. Clarity and understanding of the user must be a priority, but also:

A site optimized for SEO

Being found by a user doing a search on the keywords you have defined is a job in its own right. A performance of natural referencing is a reflection to be conducted intelligently. Ideally it is to think in parallel from the creation of the site. Establish the main keywords, study the competition in your field of activity and your sector (commune, city, department, region or national). Depending on your activity, placing yourself on the keywords can be more or less difficult. Your site will thus optimize for a good SEO.

Referencing an old non-optimized website

If you want to work the placement of your site a few years after becoming aware of the importance of this criterion, it is usually necessary to go through a redesign of your site to change the source code, architecture, categories …

Have an affordable web provider and meet

The creation of a website must be well prepared, well thought out, working with a professional web is highly recommended. Nothing beats being able to meet him, to exchange regularly and simply (without service of com ‘, secretariat …) on the various points mentioned above. If you want to work on your website in the area of Rennes and Ille et Vilaine , “A vous le web! Will be happy to accompany you. 

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