CARE: an application at the service of your health

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A health problem? care allows you to get in touch with all French general practitioners and specialists. care is here to help and protect you wherever you are, in France or abroad, 7 days a week. Moreover, with care, you benefit from a wide range of health services: access to a Medically updated drug database, consulting a rich library of medical articles written by our health professionals, and managing your health record. Let’s add that care is at the service of the whole family, including parents and children. Consult with care.

Thanks to the care application , but also to the website , consult quickly: GPs, dentists , dermatologists, pediatricians, gynecologists, psychologists, nutritionists, speech therapists, midwives, physiotherapists, cardiologists , sports doctors, and nurses.At London and soon all over France, care allows you to consult remotely video of French doctors of all specialties. Thanks to care, you find all the medical professionals you need and who practice all over France. You can choose to consult them directly, or schedule an appointment with the doctor of your choice at the date that suits you. care makes you benefit from its medical network in London by offering you priority slots. Finally, if the diagnosis requires a physical consultation, care is responsible for organizing the free visit of a doctor to your home.

To be treated at home thanks to care.

If one of our health professionals feels that treatment is necessary, it is possible thanks to care. Thanks to the prescription prescribed by the doctor, care will then deliver your medicines to your home in London and soon all over France.



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