Computers in the wood industry

Currently, IT is investing in the timber industry as part of a forest management policy. Among the companies that invest in the market, IA’S is a key player in the wood industry. The company provides forest management tools through assistance including logistics. It offers software packages, tools and other voice solutions from an optimal forest management perspective.

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A certain experience in the field

Founded in 1984, IA’S has been selling forest compasses for more than 30 years, as well as a diversified range of software for professionals in the wood industry. Already well established on the French market, the company is seeking to expand internationally thanks to its rich experience. With its 4,500 tools used daily, IA’S is the undisputed leader since they propose solutions adapted to the working methods of its customers.

The company is also committed to a sustainable environmental policy as an eco-corporate citizen. Since its beginnings, it has had to reduce its ecological footprint by reducing its movements. In this perspective, she developed the concept of eco-accessibility following e-demonstration and e-assistance. Indeed, IA’S offers adapted solutions of web-conference so that its customers limit their displacement while saving time. This eco-responsible approach certainly limits the carbon dioxide emissions that are gradually destroying the environment.

High-performance tools

IA’S puts itself at the heart of the environmental stakes thanks to its software maxisylve and infosylve. These solutions allow precise traceability to go back to the origin of the wood. These software can be installed on several high-tech media such as tablets, handheld computer or electronic compass forest. Programmable, these programs are intuitive and are designed for field use. The infosylve also allows to recover the data coming from maxisylve to treat and refine them as needed. This range of software targets the entire wood industry since it can be used in several actions: calculation of sawmill timber flow, management of construction sites, stand monitoring, etc. In addition to software, other solutions are offered by IA’S, such as forest dblers such as portable cubes or the forest compass. It also provides PC tablets, solar kits and even portable printers. All IA’S signed solutions are part of a well-established eco-engineering.

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