Digitization of administrative procedures

With digitization, the traditional administration is experiencing a real upheaval. The development of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) has largely promoted modernization in the field of public services.

The state aims to get closer to its users through this secure information system. With the introduction of electronic data, it is now possible to carry out administrative procedures via the Internet. To give you an example: applying for an online birth certificate like this for example has never been easier. To deepen the issues of digitization, here are some explanations.

An advantage for administrations

ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) have many advantages, especially in public administrations. Indeed, the digitization of data has allowed the State to give a more evolved image to its various services. Thanks to this, the processing of users’ files is more efficient. As a general rule, the processing time for users’ files depends on the organization and material resources of the town hall to which you are addressing. It is not equal in all regions. Digitization therefore allows different agents to be more productive and responsive in the different procedures to be established daily. With the acceleration of the decision-making stages, the State tends to reduce its expenditure considerably. Digitization is a small revolution in administrations. In addition, the uploading of data has been designed so that personal data is completely secure.

Proximity to users

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The development of new technologies has many advantages for users as well. The digitization of data has given them the opportunity to do their various administrative tasks much more quickly. Everyone has the opportunity to directly access the desired forms online. The site has been created according to everyone’s expectations. Its simplicity favors its accessibility for all. It is no longer necessary to move in town hall or prefecture. This system avoids wait times in administrations. Users can apply for renewal of identity documents or birth certificates online.

The technological advance in public services is therefore a considerable time saver. Access to online data is also a way to promote proximity with users. By responding more effectively to needs, the state wishes to increase the satisfaction of its citizens towards its services.

The establishment of an e-administration necessarily generates a material cost. But over the long term, the digitization of data promotes productivity and thus generates savings.

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