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Image result for internet visibilityThe agency VIP Agency is specialized in SEO and in generating traffic and visibility for websites.

The first thing to do to generate traffic, whether for a corporate site, an e-commerce site or a business blog is to ensure that the site fully complies with all the rules of SEO. SEO is site optimization for search engines (the acronym stands for “Search Engine Optimization” if you ever search for translation ).
In summary, all the technical criteria (but they are for the most part simple) of the site must be aligned with the development standards.

For example, the URLs of each page should be standardized and contain keywords corresponding to the content of the page. The textual content of the page will also have to use specific HTML tags to highlight the organization of the text: H1 for important titles, H2 for second level titles, B or STRONG for texts to put in bold, etc.
The site should also be organized legibly, with a well-ordered architecture. Finally, a “Site Map” page is also useful for both site visitors and search engine robots.

A second winning strategy is to include as much as possible, and as regularly as possible, content of different formats, directly related to the content of your site: videos, texts, images, links to other sites However, Google and other search engines have become very efficient and easily spot cheats, especially “link farms” (that is, sites that do not include links and links). content only for the sole purpose of gaining positions on google).

 Today, on both the optimization of the site itself and its content (and its interactions, in the form of links, with the rest of the Web), Google (and others) require technical quality but also a veracity of the content: no more possible to cheat!
see the document the quality team charter given to google evaluators that you can discover in detail here .

Fourth point of a winning SEO strategy and skilled traffic generation: the linking strategy. This is to establish links, internal to the outside, but especially from the outside to your site. Why ? Just because Google takes the number and quality of links pointing to a given site to determine its order of display in the results (among other criteria, but it remains very important). A specialized agency will help you identify partner sites on which you can optimize the quality (we also talk about the “weight” of a link in our business) links.

In summary, the profession of referencer has become over the years a real profession, which evolves in a regular way. Do not hesitate to call on specialists for the best results!

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