Overview of Danish mortgage banks

Image result for mortgage banksMortgage banks are used primarily for mortgage loans. As a private person, one can often take a mortgage loan of up to 80% of the value of the property. The other 20% must be financed differently, for example. through a bank loan. See here an overview of Danish banks .

If you need a new mortgage / mortgage, we recommend renting an independent adviser, such as the mortgage consultant. The mortgage broker can also help if you already have a mortgage and are considering reallocating the loan. Often you can save between DKK 10,000 and DKK 50,000.

Below you can find descriptions of the Danish mortgage banks. You will also find addresses, opening hours and contact information.

Note that the first article deals with the Independent Advisor Mortgage Consultant. The following articles are about mortgage banks

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mortgage consultant

Mortgage Consultant is a company that helps you to save money on your mortgage, whether it’s a bank loan or a mortgage. The company offers various services and products that help you on the way to.


Nykredit is one of the country’s largest mortgage institutions, which also has their own bank. This resembles the many of the other financial constellations in the market, where banking and mortgage business go hand in hand. Here you can read.

Realkredit Danmark

Realkredit Danmark is one of the country’s three largest mortgage banks, and in terms of loans, they are the largest at home. Realkredit Danmark operates a traditional mortgage company with bond loans, but also offers other forms of financing in cooperation with.

Nordea Kredit

Nordea Kredit is Nordea Bank’s mortgage company, which provides loans to the bank’s customers. The company offers different types of loans from the traditional mortgage and mortgage loans for loans to cooperative housing. Nordea Kredit was created in 1993 by the merger.


BRFkredit is one of the three major mortgage institutions in Denmark, measured on loans. BRFkredit operates traditional mortgage lending with fixed or variable rate lending, as well as offering a mortgage lending product called Boligkredit. BRFkredit is owned today.


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