What can the bank offer you

Bank is a bank that offers loans, investments, savings and similar services and products. Bank is a very historic bank when it began its work back in 1825.

Sparekassen Sjælland

Since that time, the bank has merged and changed names numerous times. Among the many earlier names appeared, for example. Sparekassen Vestsjælland, Sparekassen Nordvestsjælland, Holbæk Sparekasse and Sparekassen for Holbæk and Omegn. Over time, the Bank has expanded and merged a lot, and today it covers over 27 branches that operate actively across almost all Zealand.

Bank, which is the current name, was introduced back in 2001 when the company chose to carry out a large geographical spread of activities that covered most of Zealand. The bank also took over the Næstved bank ‘Max Bank’ in 2011, which further expanded its business.

In other words, it is a progressive and ambitious bank that grows bigger and bigger every single year. The bank is aimed at both private and business, and there are advantages for every customer.

As a customer, this gives you a lot of good and new benefits and good prices on a regular basis, and you can read about the bank’s many exciting offers on products and services in this guide. The guide is not exhaustive as we have chosen to focus on the core core services that Bank can help you with.

For further information about the Bank’s products and services, you will find all information and forms on the bank’s own website.

What does Bank offer?

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Sparkassen Sjælland is a modern bank that knows what you need as a customer. Therefore, the Bank offers everything from salary, budget and savings accounts to investment advice, online banking and insurance solutions.

In the following sections you can read the most important and basic about the bank’s different products and services and if you want to find exhaustive information about the individual offers, read more on the bank’s own website.

 Sparekassen Zealand’s headquarters are located on Isefjord Alle in Holbæk

everyday Economy

We begin at the beginning and take a look at Bank’s many products and services that are needed in a completely basic everyday economy.

Below this category are offers you pay, budget and NemKonto as well as ordering cash and currency:

  • Payroll account – With a payroll account, you have a fixed account, where your fixed income automatically rings. This may include be wages, SU or other sources of income and the money is transferred and ready to be used to your daily needs.
  • Budget account – The budget account gives you an overview and tranquility as the required monthly, quarterly or half-yearly money will be credited to your account on a regular and automatic basis. The budget account can be used solely by yourself or jointly with a cohabitant or spouse where you have common fixed expenses.
  • NemKonto – Your NemKonto allows the public authorities to make money for you. For example, be excess tax, SU or other payments. Your NemKonto is basically not a separate account, but it will typically be the same account as. your salary account. That way, you do not have to keep in control of another account, and the money from the public just goes to your salary account, where all other income is also transferred to.
  • Cash – You can order cash directly online at Bank’s own website. This is because you fill out a number of fields with information such as amounts, wishes for the distribution of banknotes or coins, etc. Once you have ordered your cash, you can subsequently collect the money from your local bank branch. You will find the form for ordering cash right here .
  • Currency – It’s always a good idea to have some cash on your pocket when you travel abroad. It may be necessary in different situations such as transport, shops that do not have card terminals or anything else. At Bank you can raise euros most of the bank’s ATMs – up to a value of DKK 10,000. Should you use a currency other than Euro, you can order on the bank’s own website or contact your local branch or adviser.

In addition to offering products and services to your everyday economy, the bank also offers a handful of good services for your children – both the young and the young. We’ll take a closer look now:

Children and teenagers

Everyone is welcome to Bank – of course, the bank also has a number of great deals for you, who are children or young people, or to you as a parent.

The bank actually offers a lot of different services for children and young people, so we have chosen to focus briefly on the four main categories below:

  • 0-12 years: For children aged 0-12 years, Sparekassen Sealand offers respectively. a childcare savings, a grandchildren’s savings and a regular children’s account. The first two savings accounts allow parents or grandparents to deposit money into the child’s account until the child is filled up. 14, 18 or 21 years. With the regular children account you can collect and raise money to and from the child’s account as you wish.
  • 13-17 years old: Are you between 13-17 years old, you can get your very own free MasterCard Debit Standard card at the bank. With this card you can raise money ATMs and pay with cards in stores – however, you are insured against spending too much as the card only allows you to use the actual money in your account. In addition to your free MasterCard, you also get free online banking and mobile banking. With these you can keep an eye on the balance of your account, transfer money to others and pay bills.
  • 18-27 years: As a young member of Sparekassen Zealand you will receive a number of free benefits, extra good interest on your accounts and cheap rates on loans and credit. You get a free Visa / Dankort or MasterCard Debit card as required, free Netbank, free payment of payment cards and high deposit rates up to the amount of 100,000 kr.
  • Confirmation Account: As a young kidnap confirmor or non-man, it may be tempting to burn all the money on clothes, experiences and electronics right away. However, you can also choose a more profitable way – to use your free account manager account at Bank. Here you can deposit up to DKK 25,000 with a fixed annual rate of 5% up to the following year. Then your account changes to a regular youth account, but you can continue to raise the amount as you like.

In other words, there is a lot to be found for both children and young people at the Zealand bank – whether it concerns accounts, cards or savings.


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Bank also has a number of attractive loans of different grades and at different strong prices. Whether you need financing for new housing, new car or unexpected bill, the bank can help you well on your way.

Below you can read maps about the bank’s various loan options – you can find further prices and terms on the bank’s own website:

  • Housing – The Bank offers loans for both purchase or renovation of housing. So whether you want to move in your upcoming dream home, or want to renovate and transform your current home into a similar dream home, you can find the financing with favorable interest rates at Bank. In addition, the bank helps you get started with mortgage loans, including guidance and advice, and last but not least you can get a home buyer certificate, if applicable. The bank also assists with legal assistance and insurance in connection with housing purchases.
  • Car, motorcycle and caravan – Do you have gasoline in the blood, or does the upcoming family increase require more car space? At Bank you can borrow for both cars, motorcycles or caravans at low variable rates of up to 1.75% depending on payment. The bank recommends that you always contact your local branch and in conjunction with your advisor, find out how much you can borrow and therefore buy before you start looking at a new car, motorcycle or caravan.
  • Bank credit – A cash credit reminds little of a consumer loan, because the money is not aimed at something specific, such as mortgages and car loans. However, the cash credit still differs from consumer loans in the way that you do not pay a fixed monthly amount and you only pay interest on the amount you use of the credit. You can make a customized bank credit at your local branch or personal bank adviser so you always have an extra elasticity in your private economy in the event of unforeseen bills, Christmas gifts and the like.

From mortgages and overdrafts, we move on to a slightly different ball street: wedding advice:

Special wedding advice

As a whole, Bank offers all future or newlywed bridesmaids personal counseling in connection with weddings. When you and your future husband or wife say yes to each other in the church, in the town hall or on a tropical south sea, there are many legal, economic and practical things that change.

Therefore, at Bank you can get concrete help and advice from everything from financing your wedding party or honeymoon, to guidance on personal and life insurance, your pension plans and legal challenges.

You are always welcome to contact your local adviser or branch so that you can help with the above questions and challenges that should be in place for the big day. You will find more detailed information about wedding advice on the bank’s own website .


Bank offers four different pension plans. These schemes suit different economies, situations and of course individual needs. Bank’s pension schemes are respectively. retirement pension, retirement age, life-long annuity and retirement for self-employed persons.

You can read more about the four individual pension schemes below, and if you want more information, you will find terms, tax deductions and the like. on the bank’s own website:

  • Rate pension – With a rate pension you can 2016 pay up to 52,400 kr. Annually on pension savings. When you retire, you will be paid your rate pension in the form of monthly amounts. This compensates the rate pension for the income you lose when you retire.
  • Age savings – An age saving differs from the rate pension because you can get the full amount paid at once. This makes it a sensible solution for you who want to buy something bigger at one time when you retire. The age savings can also supplement your rate pension, and therefore you may use it if you are at the limit of the maximum annual payment on your rate pension. You can 2016 pay up to 28,900 DKK on your age savings annually.
  • Lifetime annuity – Lifetime annuity can be used to supplement your rate pension. You can 2016 pay up to $ 48,200 on your life-retirement pension, if you pay the money yourself – you pay through your employer, there is no ceiling for the amount. You will be paid your life annuity monthly from the day you retire and you receive a monthly amount of your account for the rest of your life.
  • For self -employed persons, as self-employed persons do not per Automatically has a pension savings like most employees, can you per. 2016 choose to pay up to 30% of the company’s profit on life annuity savings. In addition, you can pay up to 52,400 kr. Annually on a rate pension.

Note: If you have a capital pension, you can choose to have the full amount paid at once once you reach the retirement age. Alternatively, you can choose to pay the money in bid by agreement. You should be aware that if you choose to change your capital pension for an age saving, you must pay a tax to the state. The fee is per 2016 40% of the amount.


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In cooperation with Købstædernes Forsikring, Bank offers a range of attractive insurance policies that can create peace and security about your life, your family and your property.

If you choose to place your insurance together with the bank, you will also receive a 10% discount on all insurance policies, and it may therefore be worth having more or all of your insurance policies collected there.

In order to get the 10% discount in the price, you must subscribe or move your deposit insurance to Købstædernes Forsikring and Bank. In addition, you must at least draw two of the following insurance in the same place: home insurance, home insurance, car insurance or accident insurance.

The Bank and the Buyer’s Insurance jointly offers the following types of insurance:

  • Buildings Insurance
  • Holiday home insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • White goods and electronics insurance with MasterCard
  • Change of ownership
  • Construction Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Annual Travel Insurance
  • Travel insurance with MasterCard
  • protection of wages
  • accident insurance
  • Accident insurance for children
  • Pet Insurance
  • Health, sickness and death insurance

You will find both prices and detailed descriptions of the individual insurance policies and your options for collecting your insurance in one place and obtaining a 10% discount on the bank’s own website .


As a customer in Bank you have the opportunity to invest your money from savings accounts or pension plans. This allows you to get a bigger return and gain as opposed to having the money standing in a regular account, as the current interest rate level is not particularly flashy.

The Bank offers you three main options:

  1. Personal advice so you are able to choose how to invest your money.
  2. Collaboration where you and your advisor jointly create a personal investment profile that suits your finances and needs.
  3. You can also let the bank’s experts track the financial markets and take responsibility for your investments.

If you choose to trade and invest in securities on your own, you must be a customer at Bank, with which you can use their NetBank to manage the company.

On the other hand, if you choose to let the Bank’s investment specialists stand for the above, you can rest assured as they handle everything from buying and selling to reinvesting your dividend. You can always keep track of your investments through your depot on NetBank.

Payment cards and credit cards

You must of course have a number of cards that you can use to shop in stores and online. Therefore Bank offers a number of cards that you can choose depending on your needs and finances.

In principle, the bank offers five different cards that suit different sizes of private finance and individual needs for credit and credit.

The cards are as follows:

  • Visa / Dankort
  • MasterCard Standard Debit
  • MasterCard Standard Credit
  • MasterCard Gold Credit
  • MasterCard Platinum Credit

NOTE: Be aware that you can use the MasterCard Gold and Platinum Credit to earn a wide range of benefits, including electronics and white goods insurance, travel insurance, cancellation insurance, etc.

Self-service online

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As we have mentioned a few times during the guide, Bank is a modern bank. Therefore, they also offer easy and secure access to NetBank, MobilBank, Swipp and other effective digital solutions. Most apps and applications can be used directly from computer, tablet or mobile.

Below you can read briefly and accurately about the primary benefits of the bank’s digital solutions:

  • NetBank – With Banks NetBank, you can manage all your daily and monthly financial tasks directly online. You can transfer money, check balance, sign up for payment service, make regular transfers and more. You can also make budgets, new accounts and trade securities / shares.
  • MobilBank – You can download Banks MobilBank as app on your tablet or smartphone. With MobilBank you can handle many of the same tasks as with NetBank, but directly from your mobile or tablet. You can, among other things, transfer funds, view balance, block debit cards, find local branches, etc.
  • Swipp – Swipp is a payment application for your mobile that lets you transfer and receive money as well as pay in stores with your smartphone. Swipp works 100% with your accounts at Bank, and you can choose which account you want to use. You can transfer or receive up to $ 25,000 daily with Swipp.

You can always click on the bank’s own website and read more about their digital products and services .

Mission and vision for Bank

Finally, we look around the bank’s values, mission and vision. Bank is based on a strong thought to take responsibility locally, where their branches are present. This means, among other things, that the bank has chosen not to close any branches but, instead, to develop and improve existing branches for the benefit of the local communities in Zealand and Funen.

In addition, Sparekassen uses a large part of its sponsorships to support and develop new young, local talents. This is through partnerships with associations and educational institutions. This and the above fall in line with Bank’s mission to contribute to the fact that Zealand and Funen become a better and more attractive place to live and work in.

The bank has a solid and strong vision that ensures local and regional alternatives to the major banks. This implies, inter alia, professionally strong but at the same time passionate and empathetic employees in all branches of the bank. Bank will also struggle to deliver a modern digital alternative to the nationwide banking offerings on PC, smartphone and tablet.


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