What is a digital signage software?

Digital signage is also a new type of media that uses digital signals such as flat screens, LCDs, plasma screens … to replace and optimize traditional rather static media.

Unlike traditional media, this digital signage has the advantage of addressing a more targeted audience, and not perceived as an intrusion. This way of displaying increases the memory of the message broadcast, the popularity of the brand, as well as the percentage of sales. It is in this context that a digital signage software finds all its interest.

What is a digital signage software for?

By making it possible to program the display on one or more scheduled media targets to be viewed on part or all of the surface of your screen, such software offers many advantages.

Neotess digital signage software ensures high responsiveness in real time. The form and composition of a content can be programmed remotely and according to your own criteria via a dynamic display oriented software.

Adapted to your expectations and your audience, a solution for digital signage software ensures the management, accuracy and efficiency of dynamic communication. This software is an ergonomic, intuitive and fast administration tool for editing, managing and monitoring the online broadcast of your programs.


The advantages of a digital signage software solution

Such a software solution gives you the ability to easily and quickly build content, and even mount it by updating your old content. The addition to the existing RSS feeds is also possible, for optimized exploitation on your own screen. Just as it is possible to pass in an original and original way a content of your choice combined with your own wallpaper.

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The guarantees offered by a digital signage software

This software guarantees the scalability, but also the adaptability of your content that you can modify, customized at will, and this, via just one click. Simultaneous, remote, and multi-screen administration of targeted advertising is also one of the main guarantees offered by such software. More info on the Digital Signage show:



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