What is the best web editor?


One day or another, the management of a website goes through the need to get your hands dirty. Whether it’s HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP … it does not matter. Language is not important. Only the comfort of use, the features and the time saving count. The best web editor must provide you with all these qualities at once. Gone are the days of the Windows-style text editor where for a few lines of code it could do the trick. Today, we have much more needs and the programmers of these softwares have understood it.

A web editor, what for?

The web editor is the best companion of a website developer. He will help her in writing her programming code by providing a toolbox of tips and tricks. For example, the editor will set a different syntax highlighting for each programming language. He will take care of indenting the document (tabs, white spaces, block management) for better aeration. He can propose a system of auto-completion , in order to save time on certain repetitive declarations. In short, the features are legions. Some are useful, others futile, but all go in the same direction: to make you gain in efficiency.

There is a multitude of free, paid, installable or directly online web editors today. We could not name them all, and even if that were the case, it would be of no interest. So, let’s talk about those who are worth seeing. Let’s discover together the best web editors: namely those who really stand out.

Notepad ++, the Swiss army knife

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When you install Notepad ++, it’s clear that your heart is not racing. Yet, under an appearance for the least old school with its little buttons and drawer menus never ending, hides a real Swiss army knife. Notepad ++ is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and most used web editors by the developer community . It’s very simple, this software is free, open source, very fast (it is coded in C ), it has a large library of plugins, it manages all programming languages ​​without flinching … Its only real flaw is its portability (it is only available on Windows) and its austere appearance (which you can still customize!).

Sublime Text, the wonderful

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Sublime Text is aptly named. His slogan ” The text editor you’ll fall in love with ” shows his ambition: that of raising your code to make it wonderful, in your eyes at least! For starters, Sublime Text is beautiful and functional. Finished the look to dad, here the graphics are neat, the ergonomics are licked, without breaking with the features.

By the way, let’s talk about it: one of the peculiarities of Sublime Text is its management of keyboard shortcuts and macros. With this editor, you can do everything in a simple and fast way: add or edit lines of code in several places at once, set bookmarks for certain portions, view the document in its entirety through a sidebar, etc. The Sublime Text software has an impressive eco-system of plugins, it is customizable, multiplatform (Windows, Mac and Linux), fast (coded in C and Python ) and updated very regularly. Its only two flaws: it is proprietary and it requires obtaining a final license (however, the trial version is complete and of unlimited duration). Its price: 70 US dollars.


Eclipse, the mastodon

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Eclipse is an IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) originally developed by IBM. The short history of the name of the software would come from the desire of IBM to shade Microsoft Visual Studio (IBM intends to eclipse its competitor). Unlike other web editors, Eclipse has the particularity to manage, internally, all phases of your project.

This veritable juggernaut will allow, among others: to code, model, conceptualize, versioning and test your code in any language and on any platform. Free software, open-source, available on Windows, Mac and Linux, Eclipse offers a large library of plugins, it is fully customizable and updated regularly. Only downside, it is coded in Java and is a gas plant. If you do not need all these features, using Eclipse can be akin to crushing a fly with a hammer!

Atom, the infinitely small with big ambitions

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Atom is the latest addition to this list of web editors and IDEs that we propose to you. Developed by GitHub as an extension of their web hosting and software development management services, it intends to make this developer community the very essence of its DNA. Simple, beautiful and complete, Atom is a free software, open-source, multiplatform and fast (it is based on Chromium and coded in CoffeeScript ). Its particularity is its package management entirely based on the GitHub catalog. His only fault? He is a great talker. With the basic configuration without settings, Atom has the particularity of communicating to Google Analytics some of your actions. For the stated purpose of better understanding the use and performance of the software …

To conclude

I – the author, Steven BUTTARAZZI – develops on the web since 2003. In 13 years of programming, I knew a lot of free and paid web software. The first was, as far as I can remember, Adobe Dreamweaver . As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the software you will use is not important as long as it suits you in your way. Beyond the features of each, the best web editor is yours, and it chooses the feeling. Some will prefer Eclipse, others Atom or Sublime Text. As far as I am concerned, I have been coding for years under Notepad ++ and I am completely satisfied with it. He is not perfect, he does not have everything, it is not the most beautiful, but it is the one that suits me the most and that I control the best. And casually, it matters a lot. In your search for the ideal web editor, we advise you to download, test and keep an open mind. There are so many that you will end up finding a shoe to your foot. And that’s the point.


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