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Everyone knows how tough times are for restaurants. One way to increase sales without having to invest a lot of capital is to introduce digital signs that can promote menu offerings to a captive audience.

Digital signage makes it possible to share important updates, promote specials or events, and attract new hires, all using the restaurant’s existing television screens.

Lucas Burns

That’s why many restaurants and bars are already using this tool to help rebuild sales post-pandemic, said Lucas Burns, corporate account manager at Atmosphere, a digital signage content services provider during an interview. a recent Fast Casual webinar. Burns offered his insights during a webinar titled “5 Ways to Drive Sales and Engagement Through Digital Signage.”

“By far, F and B has been the hardest hit by this pandemic, and they’re looking for creative ways to get out of this pretty dire time,” he said during the webinar, moderated b

Nearly half of all restaurants surveyed by the Independent Restaurant Coalition have reduced their hours in the past year, resulting in a 58% drop in sales, Burns said. This number predated the emergence of the omicron variant.

Atmosphere customers have experienced the following benefits of digital signage, according to company figures:

  • 80% experienced a gain in sales.
  • 46% saw an improvement in customer satisfaction.
  • 33% reported a gain in returning customers.

Plus, Burns said, digital signage is an easy way to increase sales and engage customers, even if the company has fewer resources.

A digital signage platform allows the restaurant to upload or create their own graphics and choose when and where to show the ads.

“It’s going to give you a tool to be able to be nimble and flexible and push real-time messaging,” Burns said.

He reviewed five ways digital signage adds immediate value.

1. Promote limited-time offers in an engaging way

Printed flyers can convey a message, he said, but they are expensive and there is no way to guarantee the right message gets to the right audience at the right time.

A restaurant can, for example, target a digital message to a captive audience at a specific time of day.

A fast food restaurant sold 250% more of an LTO than other restaurants in the chain by advertising it on its digital screens.

“Just letting your audience know what you have at the moment (via digital signage) can be huge,” Burns said.

2. Keep customers informed with up-to-date information

With digital signage, a business does not have to wait for new information to print and risks it becoming outdated as circumstances change. Instead, there is the option to update the information daily.

3. Let talent know you’re in the market to hire

Digital signage is also helping a restaurant find much-needed help, as it provides an easy way to reach a massive audience in front of an attentive audience, including those who are looking for a new job. Signage can inform customers of employment opportunities and benefits.

“These are people who take time out of their personal day to spend in your business,” Burns said. “These are people who believe in your brand. These are people you probably want to target.”

4. Boost employee morale

“As an employee, a pat on the back goes a long way,” Burns said. “Using your screens to visually thank your team is a big, big deal.”

Digital screens provide a way to display team photos and highlight their accomplishments and customer appreciation.

5. Invite customers to participate in events

Digital signage is also an easy way to provide information about events the company is attending, as well as photos and guest testimonials about company activities.

“Just having it (the LTO) on screen is a big deal,” he said. “If you have it on your screen and leverage it, your ROI will skyrocket.”

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