AMAPS Scout Group Joins Rappler Lighthouse Action Communities


On the Lighthouse platform, AMAPS aims to contribute to the betterment of society beyond scouting, through journalism and the fight against lies

MovePH, the civic engagement arm of Rappler, features partners who are part of the Lighthouse platform. As a Lighthouse partner, AMAPS content and calls to action can be viewed by a wider audience who benefit from Rappler’s wider reach. Check out the AMAPS lighthouse page here.

The Association of Filipino Scouts Amateur Media (AMAPS), an independent online media site run by Scouts, will now be featured on Rappler’s Lighthouse Action Communities.

AMAPS is one of the most active online platforms to continuously promote Scouting in the Philippines even at the height of the pandemic. Beyond promoting the ideals of Scouting, AMAPS has also been an active supporter of freedom of the press, striving to uphold the principles of journalism: truth, accuracy, courage, fairness and accountability.

AMAPS also promotes and encourages the participation of Scouts in society outside the Movement and inculcates in its audience the importance of independent journalism – free from the influence of authority.said AMAPS Executive Director JK Gamora.

In 2021, AMAPS launched the PinasALAMIN: Unraveling the influence of Powell-ful voters campaign to promote election awareness and provide voter education to AMAPS Scouts, highlighting the role of youth for the upcoming elections. In cooperation with MovePH and various other entities, the campaign began on May 5 and ended with the participation of over 200 scouts from various parts of the Philippines.

In January 2022, AMAPS launched Kamalayan 2022, a comprehensive six-day training program in Scout journalism skills, and the first of its kind ever organized by an independent Scout association. The aim of the program was to encourage proactivity among Scouts by improving their writing skills and enlightening them on the importance of truthful and responsible journalism. Kamalayan 2022 was also in line with AMAPS’ commitment to the #FactsFirstPH fact-checking alliance.

#FactsFirstPH is a one-of-a-kind initiative that aims to debunk questionable claims online, spread facts faster and further than hate and lies, flag misinformation stories and perpetrators, and hold perpetrators accountable. responsible online.

We also wanted to break the stigma among our members that journalism is just news writing, but it also comes with responsibilities like bringing factual and accurate news and being the voice of the voiceless society.“, said Gamora.

With their joint advocacy on the importance of civic engagement and the values ​​of independent and truthful journalism, AMAPS and MovePH have been long-time partners for various initiatives, several of which are the #CourageOn and #PHVote coalitions.

For a few months, AMAPS can say that we have built a fruitful and strategic partnership with MovePH“, said Gamora.

As one of the community partners of MovePH on Lighthouse, AMAPS hopes to expand its audience and strengthen engagement with fellow Scouts.

Of course, with [the] Flagship partnership, we hope to gain more experience in CMS management, a very important technical skill for our members. However, we are eager to learn and, at the same time, spread our advocacy and positions.“, said Gamora.

With this opportunity to find new audiences, AMAPS will also continue to champion its positions on press freedom, youth empowerment, gender equality, environmental sustainability and fact-checking. AMAPS will post editorials and opinion pieces on its Lighthouse platform, as well as notable Scouting news and AMAPS achievements.

Check out the AMAPS Lighthouse page by visiting –Andrea Isabela Abadia/


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