Announcing the 2021 IP Research Fund Manager of the Year Award Winners



Congratulations to the team at Milford Asset Management on winning the coveted Fund Manager of the Year 2021 award.

Since the FundSource Awards 2016, Milford Asset Management has been a regular shortlist, finalist and winner of several industry category and major category awards such as the Longevity and KiwiSaver awards. In another year that has seen the effects of COVID 19 linger longer and lockdowns sustained, 2021 has seen significant positive fund flows despite challenging market conditions. Milford Asset Management posted strong performances across all major sectors and categories.

The Research IP Fund Manager of the Year awards are based on one-year returns and several additional factors to ensure that the winners and shortlisted funds in each category were not “one-off wonders”.

“Research IP recognizes that investors can choose a fund because it is award-winning, but wishes to recognize the outstanding performance of the past 12 months. Through our rigorous process, we can ensure that the best managers are recognized every year, ”said Darren Howlin, Managing Director of Research IP.

This year saw the Responsible Investment category rise to become a major category. This recognizes the importance of responsible investing in New Zealand. Howlin said that “although factors were taken into account in our qualitative research, it was important to recognize the achievements of New Zealand fund managers, who are very active in integrating responsible investing, sustainability and the impact on portfolios managed on behalf of their clients ”.

Adviser Choice awards continue to be popular, with advisors choosing Fisher Funds in the equity and real estate and infrastructure categories, Harbor was chosen for fixed interest and Generate in the KiwiSaver category. Howlin said, “This is a strong endorsement from users of fund managers in the industry, where we aim to make rewards more inclusive.”

Special mention also to the finalists for Fund Manager of the Year. 2021 featured a different winner in each sector other than Global Fixed Interest and Diversified Fund of the Year, both of which were underwritten by Milford Asset Management. Representation as a finalist or shortlist was a key factor in being eligible for the title of Fund Manager of the Year. Each of the finalists and winners in the sector should be very proud of their accomplishments in all categories.

Fund Manager of the Year is earned by consistently being on the shortlists for sector categories, moving up to finalists, and then hopefully one or two wins along the way. The importance of consistent performance, not just over one year but over three years, made a difference in ranking shortlisted funds in more than one category. These awards aim to highlight strong and reliable performance in all industries in which clients can invest with confidence.

With very large fund flows, Boutique Fund Manager of the Year has seen process changes given the growth of the market which should help stand the test of time. We believe this is an important part of the market to recognize, but it is becoming increasingly difficult due to the large inflows and market performance that the industry has experienced. Kudos to Salt Funds Management for winning the title this year, and to the finalists, last year’s winner QuayStreet and Pathfinder Asset Management for their strong client-focused results.

The Longevity Price did not reflect the distance between the Harbor location and T. Rowe Price’s home – the price highlights the strong long-term risk-adjusted return that comes from stocks. Australian, New Zealand and global stocks were represented in this category, although global stocks triumphed this time around. Congratulations to the T. Rowe Price Harbor Global Equity Fund for an outstanding achievement.

“We look forward to the 2022 Awards, which will hopefully be a bit more personal next year.” said Howlin.

All the winners and finalists, as well as a recording of the event are available on

Announcement of winners and finalists

Global Fixed Interest Fund of the Year

  • Milford Global Corporate Bond – WINNER
  • Russell Investments Global Fixed Interest Fund
  • Smartshares Global Bond

Australian Fixed Interest Fund of the Year

  • Harbor Enhanced Cash Retail – WINNER
  • Milford Trans-Tasman Bond
  • QuayStreet Fixed Interest

Global Real Estate and Infrastructure Fund of the Year

  • AMP Capital’s global listed infrastructures
  • ANZ OneAnswer Unique Asset Class International Ownership – WINNER
  • Fisher Property and Infrastructure

Australian Real Estate Fund of the Year

  • AMP Capital Australasian Property Index – WINNER
  • Octagon listed property (formerly Forsyth Barr)
  • Australasian property with mint

Alternative funds of the year

  • Janus Henderson Global Natural Resources – WINNER
  • Pathfinder Global Water
  • Long Short Salt

Global Equity Fund of the Year

  • International Platinum Brands
  • Russell Global Opportunities NZ Hedged – WINNER
  • Smartshares US Mid Cap

Australian Equity Fund of the Year

  • Airlie Australia Share
  • Australian Fisher Growth
  • Hyperion Australian Growth Companies – WINNER
  • Hyperion Small Growth Companies

Australian Equity Fund of the Year

  • Castle Point Lurker
  • Fisher Trans Tasman Equity Trust
  • Milford Trans-Tasman Equity
  • Pie Australasian Dividend – WINNER

New Zealand Equity Fund of the Year

  • Fisher New Zealand Growth – WINNER
  • Octagon New Zealand Equities (formerly Forsyth Barr)
  • Harbor NZ Index Shares

Diversified Fund of the Year

  • Growth of ANZ investment funds
  • Mercer High Growth Portfolio
  • Milford Australian Absolute Growth PIE – WINNER
  • Milford Active Growth

Advisor’s Choice – Equities

  • Fisher Funds Management – WINNER

Advisor’s Choice – Fixed Income

  • Harbor Asset Management – WINNER

Advisor’s Choice – Property and Infrastructure

  • Fisher Funds Management – WINNER

Advisor’s choice – KiwiSaver

  • Generate investment management – WIN

Responsible Investment Manager of the Year

  • Alphinity Investment Management
  • Port asset management
  • Pathfinder Asset Management – WINNER

Longevity Award

  • Harbor T. Rowe Price Global Equity – WINNER
  • Pengana Harding Loevner International B
  • Smartshares US Big Growth

Boutique Fund Manager of the Year

  • Pathfinder asset management
  • QuayStreet Asset Management
  • Salt Funds Management – WINNER

KiwiSaver Fund Manager of the Year

  • ANZ Investments
  • Fisher funds management
  • Milford Asset Management – WINNER

Fund Manager of the Year

  • AMP Capital Investisseurs
  • Fisher funds management
  • Milford Asset Management – WINNER

Congratulations to all the winners, finalists and shortlisted fund managers for the 2021 Awards.

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