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How a Benefits Engagement Platform Can Improve the Employee Experience

LONDON, UK, June 15, 2022 / — In an article for Business Reporter, Jellyvision COO Dana Hamerschlag explains how technology can make or break an employer’s relationship with its workforce, and why benefits engagement is so crucial to creating more human connections at work.

Organizations are working to rebuild trust with disengaged employees and establishing value propositions for employers to meet the demands of change in their workforce. Hamerschlag says benefits are an important part of that value proposition, but employers still aren’t generating enough awareness, understanding and interaction with the benefits they offer.

Surveys suggest that less than half of employees take advantage of the benefits available to them, and as a result, 53% of company healthcare spending is wasted. Benefits information is disseminated in email attachments, at town halls, or through a benefits portal, which employees only visit once a year. While a human approach is an integral part of HR, benefits engagement is one area where automation can go a long way in connecting employees to their employer. Employees often need urgent or out-of-hours information about where to find help in the event of an accident or unexpected medical condition. They may also have personal issues that they are more comfortable discussing through a benefits engagement platform than with their HR colleagues.

Benefits engagement platforms are available around the clock and can reassure employees that they are getting help where and when they need it. These platforms can also provide employees with a great opportunity to have two-way conversations with their employers and find solutions to their problems faster and easier. Employee benefits represent an average of 30% of a company’s compensation costs. So, allowing employees to take advantage of their employer’s healthcare spending will significantly improve the employee experience, as well as the bottom line.

To learn more about the role of technology in improving human relations at work, read the article.

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