Centercode is moving user testing beyond manual “beta” to automated “delta” testing


The Centercode Delta version of the platform uses an automated, machine learning-based methodology to help brands effectively bring high-quality, user-friendly, customer-tested products to market.

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., April 26, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–From wearables to smart home gadgets and mobile apps, people increasingly depend on connected consumer and business products for security, convenience and life management. daily. Therefore, users rightly expect products to be user-friendly and perform as intended.

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This means product operations, CX, UX, QA, design, and development teams need to test the hands-on user experience, from unboxing to installation to product adoption. However, traditional field or beta testing methods are time-consuming and resource-intensive, incompatible with current development practices, and a hindrance to modern agile development sprints.

From planning and reviewing tests, to recruiting testers, engaging and managing feedback, analyzing data and tester feedback, and writing reports to draw conclusions and put implement changes – the old method of testing is very manual and inefficient. Worse still, traditional beta testing often leads to prioritizing the wrong fixes and improvements, creating significant risks and time-to-market delays.

Centercode, the leading provider of pre-market user testing solutions, has launched the Centercode Delta version of its popular testing platform that aligns user testing with contemporary product development, allowing brands to automate the majority of the process , encourage better user engagement without manual intervention, prioritize valuable feedback, and bring fully-tested products to market faster, at a lower cost.

“The release of Centercode Delta has been shown to accelerate test cycles by 50%, so brands can move quickly between product iterations and get to market faster with offerings they want. know consumers will love,” said Centercode CEO Luke Freiler. “Furthermore, Delta testing drives 75% more tester engagement, ensuring the testing process garners feedback from the right volume of testers, helping brands feel more confident in the decisions their feedback drives. .”

Automation and machine learning drive the testing process

The all-in-one Centercode Delta platform connects all elements of the user experience testing process, enabling detailed test customization while automating the tester experience using Ted, a sophisticated bot, which supports manual test monitoring functions. Features of the Delta testing methodology that enhance and optimize the experience include:

  • Teams can quickly and easily design and deploy custom tests for any product using a widget-like configuration system that requires no prior test design experience. Once deployed, it is self-contained until testing is complete or testing changes are needed.

  • Ted, the platform’s automated “tester engagement director”, takes over when the test is deployed to orchestrate the workflow aspects of the process, including tester communications, reminders, consolidation comments and reports. In fact, Ted is so good at his job that many testers assume he’s a real person.

  • Ted learns from his interactions with testers and adjusts his approach to maximize the results for each individual tester. For example, based on their unique behavior, Ted might shift their messaging strategy from email to texting, or focus on the specific time of day when the individual user is most asset.

  • Sentiment-based user feedback is collected and structured automatically. Testing teams are alerted to blocked feedback that may impact test quality. This allows for agile response and quick test changes, so no wasted time.

  • Three easy-to-understand benchmark KPIs allow teams to compare test value and results and report on test engagement, product success, and test impact.

Realizing they needed an efficient testing solution, the Universal Robots product team turned to the Centercode Delta platform.

Israel Nunez-Santiago, Beta Program Manager at Universal Robots, said, “Universal Robots is committed to the success of every customer and incorporates customer feedback into everything we do. Using the new Centercode Delta platform has helped our team track tester feedback and engagement, spending less time on integration. our testers and reduce the time spent managing projects. Ultimately, this helps us create products that match our customers’ needs and expectations.”

About the central code

Centercode helps modern tech brands deliver user-friendly, consumer-tested products using the world’s easiest automated, machine learning-based delta testing technology. Delta testing reinvents traditional beta testing, field testing, and UAT as an automated, continuous process. Delta Testing uses modern technology to automate user engagement and processes that are essential for gathering early customer feedback on products. Through the combination of Centercode’s SaaS user testing platform and delta testing methodology, Centercode enables brands to improve tester feedback, improve product quality, and reduce time to market. the market.

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