becomes the world’s first influencer marketing platform to be free for brands and agencies

0, an influencer marketing startup, has opened its platform for free access by brands and agencies with no platform fees or commissions. Through the platform, brands and agencies can now take advantage of influencer activation at no cost.’s intervention will remove barriers to entry for many small micro-entrepreneurs who own entities such as restaurants, bakeries, salons, spas, etc., allowing them to join the influencer movement in a self-service model.

To bring influencer marketing on par with other digital advertising functions, is now introducing a cost-per-view model – an outcome-based engagement model that protects a brand’s ROI and allows him a new model of engagement with micro and nano creators.

Additionally, has also introduced a conversion-focused affiliate model. Through the combination of the existing pay-per-campaign model and the new CPV and affiliate models, will help brands increase their reach, awareness and revenue through their influencer marketing efforts.

Through these initiatives, is also facilitating a level playing field for influencers by introducing scalable and transformative solutions. Its cost-per-view and affiliation models will allow micro and nano influencers to access thousands of brand and agency briefs. Through this, small-scale influencers can generate revenue through major brand partnerships.

Sagar PushpCEO and Co-Founder,, said, So far, India’s influencer marketing ecosystem has been skewed towards mega and celebrity influencers who partner with top brands for large-scale campaigns. In fact, brands use their entire influencer marketing budget just to engage with the top 2% of influencers. Our interventions will be a game-changer and allow small-scale influencers to gain traction in terms of brand associations. On the other hand, it will encourage brands of all sizes to join the platform for free and start publishing their influencer campaigns. With this, we reaffirm that is accessible to everyone, and that every brand and influencer can participate in and benefit from the booming creator economy.


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