CoHost Launches New Podcasting Platform to Solve Podcasters’ Biggest Problem – Audience Growth


TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CoHost today announced the launch of its Podcast Analytics and Growth Platform, which combines a suite of powerful tools and features that make it easier for creators to launch, distribute, grow and measure their podcasts. The launch coincides with the release of CoHost’s first annual Podcaster Insights survey, which revealed that audience growth is the top challenge podcasters face (91% rated it a top challenge).

“Over the past 3 years, our team has launched and scaled hundreds of professional podcasts, and we’ve realized that many great podcasters simply lack the experience and tools to grow and scale their podcasts. They are tired of wasting time logging into multiple tools and platforms to access siled and confusing data,” said Fatima Zaidi, CEO and Founder of CoHost and Quill Podcasting Agency. We created CoHost, the place smart podcasters go to find reliable analytics and information about their shows and audiences.”

The 2022 Podcaster Insights Survey polled professional podcasters and found that most podcasters struggle to grow their audience, even though they depend on audience growth to monetize. The investigation revealed:

  • 91% said growing audiences is one of the hardest things about podcasting

  • 82% said getting discovered by new listeners is one of the hardest parts of podcasting

  • 55% of audio creators struggle to understand how new listeners find their podcast

  • 76% of podcasters currently monetize or plan to monetize their podcasts, and nearly half rely on sponsorships to do so (48%)

The CoHost survey also identified a serious gap: 73% said analytics and listener insights were the features they valued most in a hosting platform, and 82% agreed that understanding performances of their show was confusing and time-consuming.

To help alleviate these challenges, CoHost provides creators with powerful tools to help scale their podcasts, including:

  • One-click publishing to stream your show on all major listening apps
  • Robust analytics to better understand your podcast’s performance and audience
  • Custom campaign links to track, analyze and optimize marketing tactics
  • Automatic Transcripts for accessibility and better search visibility
  • Custom Podcast Sites to help drive traffic, engagement and downloads

“Since starting CoHost, our podcast performance has grown exponentially,” said Sarah Johnson, Girl on Girl podcast host and CoHost customer. “We were able to track this growth in a clear and simple way with CoHost analytics, especially compared to the hosting platform we were using before.”

CoHost is created by Quill Podcasting, the award-winning podcast agency responsible for creating and developing podcasts for notable brands and influencers. CoHost customers include notable Fortune 500 brands listed here.

To celebrate its launch, CoHost is offering podcasters a 67% promotional discount on the first six months of using the platform with a 30-day risk-free trial.

Learn more and sign up at

For more information on CoHost’s Podcaster Insights Survey 2022, click here.

About CoHost

CoHost is a powerful new podcast publishing, analytics, and growth platform that makes it easy to distribute, measure, and grow your show’s performance. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to top the podcast charts, CoHost can help take your show to the next level.

About Quill Podcasting

Quill is an award-winning podcast production agency specializing in branded content. Quill works with best-in-class brands to produce high-quality audio content and deliver strategic marketing services that drive audience growth, increase ROI, and achieve podcasting goals.

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About the 2022 Podcaster Insights Survey

Quill Podcasting and CoHost invited podcasters to participate in the survey from April 18 to May 2, 2022 through their email newsletter, by advertising on PodNews, and through social media posts in various social media communities of podcasters. 155 respondents completed the survey via Google Forms.


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