Compulse Evolves To A Marketing Technology And Managed Services Company With A Platform To Make Omnichannel Digital Advertising More Efficient And Profitable


HUNT VALLEY, Maryland – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Driven by the need for better technology to power omnichannel digital campaigns, Compulse is excited to announce its evolution into a marketing technology and managed services company, with the exclusive focus on making digital advertising effective, profitable and more profitable for local businesses and media agencies.

The company’s flagship marketing technology solution, Compulse 360, an all-in-one software as a service (SaaS) platform for digital media planning, execution and analysis, combines planning, execution, and data into a digital platform, eliminating the need for multiple systems and streamlining workflows so clients can run more campaigns without adding staff, overhead, or complexity. Compulse 360 ​​includes over 100 integrations with other leading martech vendors, making it a flexible all-in-one platform that can integrate seamlessly into any environment or completely replace them. existing technological stacks.

In addition to simplifying operations from planning to delivery to reporting, Compulse 360 ​​makes it easy for local businesses and media agencies to benefit from significantly higher reach, engagement and returns. from omnichannel campaigns without the exorbitant inventory costs, the high overhead of advertising operations, and the erosion of profits that have become all too familiar to many agencies and companies running such campaigns.

The platform is the result of more than two years of development by Compulse, a powerful brand created by the merger of Compulse Integrated Marketing, a full-service marketing agency; DataSphere Technologies, a programmatic adtech company; and ZypTV, a leading programmatic platform for local media buyers. By consolidating the resources of these three organizations into a powerful, unified offering, the company is well positioned to change the way digital media is bought and sold, enabling local media companies and agencies to fully benefit from engagement, the increased reach and profitability of omnichannel marketing campaigns. In addition, Compulse brings decades of marketing strategy and execution experience with industry-leading managed advisory services.

“Compulse 360 ​​is the result of our long-term plan to create a single, unified omnichannel platform for businesses and media agencies. The time is right and the resources are there to finally ensure that omnichannel marketing lives up to its potential, ”said Martin Kristiseter, Managing Director of Compulse.

Omnichannel campaigns, which use all available digital tactics such as linear, programmatic, social media, and search engine marketing, consistently outperform ad campaigns that only use one or two channels. A study by the Aberdeen Strategy and Research Group found that companies using omnichannel campaigns retain 89% of their customers, compared to 33% retention in companies that do not.

However, omnichannel campaigns are often expensive and difficult to execute – marketing technology that isn’t designed for the job, a lack of integration, inefficient workflows that force digital marketers to use multiple platforms. and costly arbitration that generates excessive media costs. Compulse 360 ​​will prepare media agencies and companies for success with significantly improved margins, Compulse’s economy of scale leveling the playing field for local media companies and agencies, giving them access to powerful capabilities that would otherwise be prohibitive.

“Our goal is to make digital media transactions more meaningful, fair and, most importantly, reflect their true value,” says Kristiseter, “We pass inventory costs without excessive mark-ups, transaction fees, arbitrage and the like. that erode the real value of the print you buy.

Kristiseter continues, “Local media and agencies have long needed solutions that help them benefit from the increased exposure and revenue from locally delivered omnichannel campaigns. However, there has been a significant lack of proper tools, along with prohibitive costs on inventory and technology that is not really designed for omnichannel. We didn’t just raise the bar. We’ve taken the barriers down completely, with the right technology and the right solution to make omnichannel truly profitable.

About Compulse

Compulse is a marketing technology and managed services company designed for local media and agencies. Our one-solution platform combines sales activation, order management, fulfillment and analytics into a consolidated solution designed to make digital advertising easier and more profitable. The platform leverages over 100 API integrations with leading martech solutions to streamline ad operations from proposition to completion. Our customers use our powerful and easy-to-use tools to attract, engage and delight customers. With US offices in Baltimore, Denver, Seattle, Bellevue, New York and San Francisco, and international offices in Delhi, St. Petersburg and Bogota, our team is passionate about putting our clients first.

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