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Gerard Gilbert, SuperTalk Mississippi host, state lottery board member and entrepreneur, was invited as a guest speaker for the County Seat Lunch Club’s January gathering.

The networking club has been in existence for over a year and is dedicated to educating members of the community about issues that affect daily life while meeting at DeSoto County Headquarters in Hernando.

Jordan Brumbelow, a founding member of the club, said the group was looking to engage more with young local leaders to keep them informed about big issues today.

“We just put together a group that we hoped would engage the community,” Brumbelow said. “It doesn’t have to be about politics or one side versus another. It’s more about engaging with community business owners, heavy hitters, influencers in the community can come out and learn about different aspects of our county. For example, Gerard Gilbert is an entrepreneur, he started his own business, it’s a story about Mississippi.”

Gilbert spoke to a group of about 20 attendees at Monday’s meeting at Uncle Bubba’s house. He highlighted current national and state political issues, current events, his professional background as an entrepreneur, and his dealings with state officials.

Another founding member, Chad Wicker, said his hopes were for the club to better represent Hernando.

“Sometimes Hernando gets left out, like at the Republican GOP meeting, it’s always in Southaven,” Wicker said. “We are also a younger community, I think our average age is 36. I think this band could be for a younger audience.

We are interested in making our city, county and state the best it can be.

“We wanted to make sure Hernando was on the map by bringing in speakers and engaging with the community,” added Wicker.

Brumbelow said the club was not geared towards any particular political party.

“You don’t have to be a Republican or a Democrat, we just want this to be a club where people can learn about other influencers and help inform our community,” Brumbelow said. “It could be a coach, an entrepreneur or a head of state.”

Brumbelow said the idea was floated around a table at the Hernando Golf and Racquet Club to found the organization and model it on similar clubs in the Memphis area.

“There’s one in Memphis, the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club (LPBC) organization,” Brumbelow said. “We wanted to kind of mirror that concept on a lunchtime basis. We had State Auditor Shad White, Secretary of Agriculture Andy Gibson, and Chancery Judge Percy, Jr. We’re hoping to have Trent Kelley in February and, of course, everyone should I also heard of Kayleigh McEnany.”

Attendees are requested to RSVP for advertised events for catering purposes. Events are usually held at the Hernando Golf and Racquet Club in Hernando. There is no obligation to participate.


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