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Temecula, Calif., Feb. 03 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire Hop-on, Inc. (OTC: HPNN): As other companies in the social media industry focus on building long-requested features in an effort to stop bleeding users to other platforms -forms and multimedia services, Digitalage works with titans of the media industry. create and democratize technologies that will support the commercial viability of multiple ecosystems creating an extended reality world. From groundbreaking content protection, smart contracts, digital rights marketplace, anti-money laundering, cross-cultural content classification and royalty service, Digitalage puts put in place the essential infrastructure to monetize and protect rightsholders of all sizes.

Introducing this infrastructure, Digitalage’s own decentralized media distribution and social platform is poised to take up much of the already weakly extended attention span of the social media audience. By learning from social psychologists, adhering to the latest regulations from legislators, and implementing recommendations from leading civil and human rights groups, the Digitalage platform is shaping up to be a true contender in the global marketplace, opening up the way to a long-awaited vision for extended reality interfaces and experiences.

Curt Doty, CCO of Digitalage, said, “Over the past year, Digitalage has built its own enterprise platform using cutting-edge technologies, focused on highly scalable and resilient multi-cloud decentralized services. Having secured lucrative deals with major journalism and media providers, studios and labels, the platform’s feature suite is already proving to be a key differentiator. Now in its home stretch before launching a public beta, Digitalage is finally receiving bids from several investment groups who strongly believe in Digitalage’s vision and ability to deliver decentralized extended reality services to the industry. and to consumers.

Here is a demo of the #Digitalage platform

About Digitalization:

The mission behind Digitalage is to lead the social media industry in fighting content piracy and empowering publishers, influencers and contributors by providing a one-stop-shop for content creation and management so creators can reach their full potential. For publishers, influencers and contributors, Digitalage is revolutionizing the creator economy by supporting the next generation of marketers and influencers through its engagement platform of digital rights management tools that will allow users to connect, download and share content, while remunerating rights holders through decentralized use. Web 3.0 blockchain technologies.

About Hop-on

Hop-on, Inc. (OTC: HPNN) is a US-based global leader in the development and manufacture of electronics, distributed software, and telecommunications hardware and services, capitalizing on its secure core license agreements for mobile and computer technologies. Since 1993, the Company has a proven track record of innovation and market development. From the development of the world’s first CDMA disposable cellphone to the upcoming Digitalage decentralized social media platform promoting data portability and freedom of expression and the essential engineering tools for content protection and royalty management on social platforms and devices, the company works closely with inventors and patent holders to bring the latest technologies to demanding markets.

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