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The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is pleased to announce the 16 teams selected to participate in the Global New Venture Challenge (GNVC) 2022, a startup competition for students enrolled in Chicago Booth’s Executive MBA program.

The GNVC, now in its 15and year, operates across Booth’s three campuses – Chicago, London and Hong Kong – which will each hold a semi-final event before sending their regional winners to the global finals, scheduled for June 1. Finalists compete for a portion of an investment pool, which lasts year totaled $150,000.

Semi-final schedule:

  • April 15, 2022: hong kong
  • April 29, 2022: London
  • May 13, 2022: Chicago

The GNVC is one of five tracks in the New Venture Challenge, a business plan competition founded 26 years ago at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business that has helped launch companies such as Braintree, Grubhub, Foxtrot and Simple Mills. With a focus on Executive MBA candidates, the GNVC offers a condensed version of the traditional NVC course that includes an intensive week of lessons and one-on-one coaching sessions with mentors from around the world before the regional semi-finals. The course is taught by Waverly Deutsch, a clinical professor of entrepreneurship at Booth.

The 16 teams selected for GNVC 2022 are:

Chicago cohort

Barachiel // Barachiel is revolutionizing access to real-time information for emergency response personnel, improving the outdated 911 switchboard process that has not kept up with advances in cellphone technology, such as collecting data on possible health with a smart watch.

Boola // Boolah is a science-based data analytics platform that helps businesses achieve better results by increasing employee productivity and engagement.

Celery // Celery is a mobile app that makes it easy to track, share and understand your investments. Like Mint but specifically for stock and crypto investments, it consolidates all your investment accounts and shows them to you in one view.

gray matter // Gray Matters is a platform with enormous potential to do social good by engaging and improving the quality of life for the 45 million retirees in the United States. Gray Matters will connect the needs of retirees with individuals and businesses that want to leverage the knowledge and expertise of retirees.

See-Thru-AI // See-Tru-AI is a SaaS platform that makes it easy for companies using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to comply with the law. See-Thru-AI allows companies to demonstrate to regulators that they have designed and deployed machine learning and AI systems in accordance with relevant regulatory and policy requirements.

towing // Towbly is an app that makes it easy for someone who needs pre-arranged driver service or has a buddy system with a volunteer designated driver. It provides a two-person mobile service that provides a sober driver and takes a vehicle home followed by a support car to ensure safety.

Hong Kong cohort

Design-a-Day // Design-a-Day is a POI recommendation engine and route builder that curates and makes personalized recommendations for local POIs and helps organize them into short routes. Through its social features, locals can share their favorite recommendations and connect on common routes.

Farong // FaRong provides non-recourse financing to potential trade claimants in arbitration proceedings in Hong Kong. It pays some or all of claimants’ legal and administrative costs in return for a share of the final compensation amount, with the ultimate goal of improving access to justice.

Ozone // Ozon is a climate technology enabler for all stakeholders, from large corporations to individuals, to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Peek-a-Play // Peek-a-Play offers live online playgroup sessions that users can follow with Montessori teachers to guide their children ages 0-3 to sing, dance, paint and play at home. Using an integrated one-stop application platform, as well as in-person boutique community centers, it aims to provide holistic education to every baby in China.

London cohort

Azentric Benefits // Azentric Perks is Africa’s first technology-driven (web and mobile apps) employee benefits and discounts program. It aggregates negotiated discounts from many merchants to provide value/everyday expense savings benefits to employees of subscriber organizations in addition to wellness programs, recognition awards, lifelong learning, and employee benefits. networking.

Check the fit // Check the Fit is a global one-stop-shop online marketplace for business-to-consumer (B2C) sustainable apparel, primarily aimed at Gen Z.

Connect4 // Connect4 develops Connie, a software as a service (SaaS) platform, to enable users to develop and maintain strong connections with their wider network. Connie leverages users’ digital footprint and existing social platforms to deliver relevant personalized nudges to strengthen relationships that are often overlooked. // advises, structures and authenticates the transformation of physical works of art into digital media. We partner with museums to issue and market accredited digital replicas of their art collections in the form of non-fungible tokens, providing them with a new fundraising channel and an online community of socially-minded investors. and cultural.

PermiTech // PermiTech develops cloud-based SaaS software for industrial powered two-wheelers that uses process automation and artificial intelligence to reduce the likelihood of human error. It is designed for manufacturing companies operating in hazardous environments, including mining, oil and gas, power and chemical industries.

Precogs // Precogs is a standalone cybersecurity product that leverages AI to secure software code for developers, enterprises, and blockchain. The company has focused on the application of AI to help developers ensure real-time application quality and security as they code, providing in-depth defense against cybersecurity risks.

More information about the GNVC can be found here.


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