Experimentation will be the key to an effective benefits strategy


Jason Brennan, WRKIT

July 14, 2021

Since four years, Cooper parry was named by The Sunday Times as one of the 25 Best Companies to Work For, most recently ranked 22nd. April Bembridge, partner and director of human resources at the business consulting and accounting firm, says it’s about constantly offering something new that can’t be found elsewhere and keeping the true desires of employees at the heart of the benefits strategy.

With Covid making the company’s previously unusual flexible working and unlimited time standard, the HR team felt the need to take it to the next level and partnered with the Employee Engagement Platform and the wellness expert at work, Wrkit, to do it.

April Bembridge said, “We believe employee benefits should be of real benefit to our staff and the Wrkit platform is exactly that. It gives employees complete ownership and control over how they engage with our offering as it is flexible and can be used at any time convenient for the person using it.

“It has certainly been a success, with 70% of employees registered and engaged with the Wrkit platform. The lifestyle savings module has proven to be extremely popular, with over 4,400 pageviews in the first year and almost half of employees (48%) accessed the POWR Wellbeing module during the same period. “

Wrkit’s platform delivers a holistic benefits strategy to businesses and employees, with learning, wellness, recognition and lifestyle savings options that combine into a platform that supports employees both on and off the job. Additionally, the platform enables the HR team to analyze data on how it is used by employees and gain a holistic view of employee well-being within the company.

April continued:“What sets Cooper Parry apart from other companies in terms of employee satisfaction is that we are always looking for the next thing and will never rest on our laurels.

“We are open to experimentation and testing, regularly encouraging employees to tell us what they want. Everyone in the company has the opportunity to contribute, and we will listen and test every reasonable idea that is presented to us. Even if that doesn’t work, we’ve learned a lesson from trying.

“A ‘keep learning’ mentality is at the heart of our company values, and this is supported by the learning modules offered by Wrkit. If you want to learn anything from cooking to improving wellness to coding, chances are you can search for it on the platform and find a class, which is just fantastic.

In addition to offering employees a unique benefit offer, the partnership with Wrkit has allowed Cooper Parry to make their offer more inclusive. Previously, the firm’s partners, who make up around 10% of the 400 employees, did not have access to benefits, but this has now changed and improved their integration with other employees.

April continued, “Conversations about the benefits and what people use and enjoy are now common among coworkers. We’ve never been the kind of business where partners sit alone on a different floor, but now that they can be included in those conversations, the gap between them and the junior rookie is narrowing. This atmosphere of solidarity is exactly what we want for our firm.

Jason Brennan, Director of Leadership and Wellness at Wrkit, said:“Cooper Parry is an exemplary company and an exceptional example of an HR department that truly wants to know the needs of its employees and provide them with the best possible employee experience. The constant focus on giving employees the tools to take ownership of their own well-being is great and we look forward to continuing to support that.

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