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Fixed interest, no costs family loans

Credit Lending is a loan provider at a fixed price, free of charge and without security, positioned as a simple and potentially cheaper alternative to credit cards. The biggest selling point reiterates: Credit Lending’ loans through Small Lending never bear costs, ever .

You can borrow up to $ 30,000 in a single Credit Lending loan from Small Lending, much higher than the credit limits allowed by most money-backed credit cards and bank-issued unsecured personal family loans. Although loans from Credit Lending by Small Lending have multiple cases of use, they are particularly useful for consumers who want to have high debts without awkward credit advisory periods.

Credit Lending by Small Lending has fairly strict acceptance requirements, making the borrowing options unsuitable for consumers who might qualify for secured credit cards. And the company does not make secured loans. If you have substantial equity in your home or other important material asset, you are likely to be eligible for a lower rate by marching against it – for example with a loan or credit line.

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Not sure whether a loan from Credit Lending by Small Lending is the right choice to deal with the financial pressures that you are currently facing?

Most important features

Most important features

Loan size

Loan principals range from $ 3500 to $ 30,000. You can request any amount within this range, but your borrower profile and the intended use of the loan can influence your upperMarch family limit.

Loan conditions

Loan conditions vary from 36 to 72 months. Longer-term loans generally have lower monthly payments, although you will probably pay March more interest over the term of the loan.

Loan rates

The rates on loans from Credit Lending by Small Lending vary from 6, 99% to 23, 99% APR. Your rate depends on your credit score and other factors that are specific to your financial situation. Once established, it remains fixed for the entire term.

Credit Requirements

Credit Lending generally requires a minimum FICO score of 660. Loans are not intended for borrowers with a credit limitation.

Registration procedure

The application process of Credit Lending by Small Lending is relatively simple:

  • Fill in a simple prequalification query March family list that only takes a few minutes
  • Specify how much you want to borrow and for which you want to use the loan
  • Credit Lending performs a preliminary credit check that does not affect your credit score
  • Credit Lending collects a range of loan options for you, each with a different monthly payment, determined by the rate and duration
  • Choose the loan option that suits you best – for example, a longer term for a lower monthly payment, or a shorter term for a faster payment with fewer charged interest rates
  • Provide additional information, including proof of income and identity verification, and submit your application (this affects your credit score)
  • Log in to your oMarch familyine account to check your application status
  • Credit Lending will contact you with an up-or-down decision within one to two business days
  • Enter your e-sign and send your loan documents
  • Credit Lending deposits your loan into your bank account within two business days


Limitations and availability

According to the law, you cannot refinance or consolidate the loan from student March family loans with your loan from Credit Lending through Small Lending.

You may not have more than one outstanding loan per company policy. If you want to apply for a second loan, you must first pay your original loan.

Credit Lending’ loans through Small Lending are available to US consumers 18 and older in most states and the District of Columbia. Certain states have higher age requirements – for example, it is 21 in Mississippi and Puerto Rico. Loans are not available in Maryland.

Payment options

You can make payments on your loan via automatic direct debit (AutoPay), manual telephone or oMarch familyine payments and emailed check. If you pay by check, you must leave sufficient time for the payment to reach the Credit Lending processing facility before the due date.

Adjustable payment date

You can choose your preferred payment date during the application process. With Credit Lending you can change it up to three times during the term of your loan.

On-Time Payment Reward

If you make twelve consecutive payments on time, you will be rewarded with a payment payment on time: a one-month delay that you can use at your leisure, whenever you could use the financial breathing room. Each additional 12-month period of on-time payments earns you a one-month extension. There is no limit to the number of deferments that you can earn during the term of your loan.



  1. No surcharges, ever . Credit Lending never charges costs. The platform only earns money from interest charges. Apparently that is more than enough to cover his expenses. Needless to say, this is a welcome advantage over credit cards, which can charge hefty annual, late payment, and balance transfer fees – just to name a few.
  2. Fixed rates for the life of the loan . Credit Lending’ loans through Small Lending have fixed rates for their entire duration – up to 72 months. This is a major advantage over credit cards, the rates of which usually vary with the applicable rates (LIBOR and other benchLoans).
  3. Higher Loan family limit than most credit cards . Credit Lending by Small Lending offers higher Loan family limits than most entry and premium credit cards – up to $ 30,000 for qualified borrowers. This is great news for borrowers with a view of march family-rich, if not overwhelming, debt march familyasts.
  4. Choose from multiple lending options . If you are pre-qualified for a loan, Credit Lending of Small Lending gives you several credit options that you can choose from. You can choose the option with the optimal duration, monthly payment and interest rate – which is the most important. Other loan providers have a take-it-or-leave-it approach: if you don’t like their offers, you only have limited resources.
  5. Flexible payment options . You can make payments of your loan by Credit Lending through Small Lending via direct debit, telephone, oMarch familyine or by post. You should at least find one of those admissible.
  6. On-Time Payment Reward for 12 consecutive payments . If you make 12 consecutive payments on time, you can postpone one future payment. This is a great way to gain financial breathing room while waiting for a nice spring break or a day of shopping during the break. There is no limit to the number of payment rewards that you can earn during the term of your loan.



  1. Loans require a FICO score of 660 or higher . Credit Lending generally requires an FICO score of 660 or better. This is disqualifying for consumers with a reduced credit rating – a common problem for people who are dealing with high debt March familyast. Credit Lending’ loans through Small Lending are better suited for consumers whose debt family has influenced their credit scores.
  2. Interest rate strikes immediately . Unlike credit cards with 0% APR balance transfer promotions, the interest on Credit Lending loans through Small Lending starts immediately. It does not matter whether the regular APR of the loan is lower than that of a credit transfer credit card when the balance transfer card declines interest for 12, 15, 18 or even 21 months. If you are sure that during this period you can reset your very high interest-free debt to March familyast, opt for a balance transfer card such as Chase Slate® or Citi Simplicity.
  3. Only one type of loan available . Credit Lending of Small Lending offers eigeMarch family-only one type of credit product: an unsecured personal family-loan built for consolidating or refinancing higher interest debts. Most traditional banks and some oMarch familyine lenders have a wider range of credit options, including loans for small businesses, credit cards, secured personal family-friendly loans, credit lines for equity and more.
  4. No P2P element . Credit Lending’ loans from Small Lending are not peer-to-peer (P2P). Unlike sharing economy platforms such as Prosper and Lending Club, Small Lending’s Credit Lending does not use funds provided by individual investors to finance its loans. If a sense of community is important to you, or if you are interested in adding P2P loans to your investment portfolio, look for a reputable peer-to-peer platform.
  5. Can not Refinance Student Loan Debt with a Loan From Credit Lending . From a legal point of view, you cannot refinance the loan from student March family loans with your loan from Credit Lending through Small Lending. Although this disadvantage is not unique to Credit Lending by Small Lending, it is still a problem for potential customers who want to manage or reduce the crushing debt March familyast of students. If you are in that camp, you should contact your lender or a company that specializes in refinancing student Mart familyening.
  6. Not available for Maryland residents . At the end of 2017, Small Lending loans from Credit Lending were not available to Maryland residents. That’s no problem if you live somewhere else in the United States, but if you live near Washington, DC, Baltimore, or somewhere else in the old line, you need to look elsewhere for your unsecured personal family loan.