Flows to global ETFs slow in April


While global exchange-traded funds earned €281 billion in the first four months of the year, in April these strategies earned just €23 billion, or about a fifth of the €109 billion euros added the previous month.

According to data compiled by Amundi Asset Management, in the area of ​​equities, there were net outflows in April of €12.4 billion in the United States, while inflows from European UCITS ETFs remained positive for this month, earning 9.5 billion euros.

European regional UCITS equity ETFs gained €37.9 billion in the first four months, compared to nearly €9 billion in April. Global indices remained the most popular with a gain of €21.7 billion while North American strategies gained €12.6 billion.

While flows into ESG equity strategies have continued, momentum has slowed. Year-to-date inflows were €10.4bn, while April inflows were €1.4bn, a slowdown from gains of €1.5bn euros in March.

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In the fixed income segment year-to-date, investors have allocated €6.3 billion to European government debt UCITS ETFs, with exposure to US government debt being the most popular asset class. Corporate debt has gained €3 billion since the start of the year, with investors allocating €3.3 billion to US companies, pulling €1.2 billion and €935 million from the top, respectively. yield and investment grade in the euro zone.

On a regional breakdown of ETF flows for the year so far, the US led with €197.2 billion, compared with €54.5 billion in Europe and €29.7 billion. euros in Asia. Total exposure for asset classes showed equities at €205.8 billion, fixed income at €52.4 billion and commodities at €21.8 billion.


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