Hospitality Industry Can Now Use Google Posts to Reach More Audiences and Engage



Following confirmation from Google, the hospitality industry can now use Google Posts to interact with its customers. Businesses in the hospitality industry can now use Google Posts to advertise COVID-19 protocols, any equipment updates or renovations under the “What’s New” option and events taking place on the property under the “Event” type of post. Once published, the message will be displayed on the Company’s Knowledge Panel and could prove to be the gateway to companies for new and potential customers.

Limitation of Google publications for the hotel industry – No “offer” publications

Businesses cannot use Google posts for promotional purposes and therefore the ‘Offer’ option available for other industries will not be extended to the hospitality industry. The reasoning is that Google already shows the price of reservations and that of OTAs and whether there are any deals or promotions, and having another ‘price related’ section on the company knowledge panel could be a cause. price discrepancy and customer confusion.

Are Google Posts Driving Engagement and Revenue for Businesses?

Absolutely yes. Google posts not only generate Expertise-Authority-Trust (EAT) signals for your business and have been shown to improve card rankings as well, but they also drive business engagement and revenue. We conducted a study to see if Google Posts actually generates engagement and revenue for businesses and although the numbers have been revised by direct bookings to the website from GMB profile clicks, the engagement numbers and the company’s revenue through Google Posts were as large as it gets. see in the image below.

Streamline Google Posts Workflow with Milestone Local

Having to create and publish Google articles for each GMB location independently could certainly prove to be a daunting task and this is where a platform like Milestone Local comes in to make it a minute’s job. You read that right, using Milestone Local all you have to do is create a post and you can publish it to all or select locations all at once, saving you time to replicate and publish the post to each location. Choose your post type, schedule a post or preview and publish immediately – Milestone Local has a seamless end-to-end workflow for Google posts and you can also track engagement and revenue generated by this feature.

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