How a new crypto platform and its $FILM token are helping the independent film industry


A recent Washington Post report explained how a crypto-powered platform named Decentralized Pictures is helping “a new generation of filmmakers.”

Decentralized Pictures from a nonprofit called Decentralized (“DCP”) is an exciting new platform that allows users to earn and spend a native crypto-asset token named FILM.

Patrick Quinn, an aspiring screenwriter from Ireland, is using the platform to get feedback on his new project, a dark comedy set during the Irish Potato Famine. Quinn is also able to provide feedback to other writers and leverage the platform‘s grant system to secure funding for her project.

Quinn highlighted the value of the platform as a way for those not in Hollywood and other movie homes to get help with their movie projects. Supporters of Decentralized, which involves the Coppola family, say their platform is a way to use crypto to forge a global community that bypasses Hollywood.

Michael Musante, co-founder of DCP, said the platform was a way for users to circumvent the usual gatekeepers of cinema:

We want to open this up so that the process is democratized, so that all these ideas can be tested and developed by new people who will now have a chance to break through.

DCP, first launched in May, has successfully attracted 2,000 users, with the goal of reaching two million in the future.

Roman Coppola, son of Francis Ford Coppola (the director of “The Godfather”), had this to say:

I know there’s a certain cynicism when people hear the word ‘crypto’ – what’s the value in that and isn’t it just a hype?” says Roman Coppola. ” But we value smart engagement from our attendees, and we believe that engagement should earn them something that will bring in smarter attendees and build community.

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