How to Get Free Instagram Followers Instantly


Once your Instagram account has grown to a certain size, you can start experimenting with other methods to grow your Instagram followers even more. Like a branded hashtag, for example. It’s hard to achieve this at first if your audience isn’t large enough, but once it does, you have the potential to turn your entire audience into brand ambassadors.

Or consider a user-generated content campaign. The approach is similar to a branded hashtag, but the posts could be even more appealing, for example, they could feature original artwork from your audience. This is just one example: you can ask your followers to do a short skit, song, or showcase their creativity in any other way that speaks to your audience and your brand.

User-generated content campaigns can be brilliant because they provide the opportunity to support your audience while in turn supporting you. Other users browsing the hashtag will see your audience’s posts posted to that hashtag. This can increase their audience while expanding your reach at the same time.

Then your new viewers might see the interest and attention in your campaign and decide to join us. Next thing you know, you went from being a new subscriber to being a brand ambassador, potentially over a 24 hour period. It also exposes their followers and friends to your brand etc.

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