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Hybrid and virtual events platform Hubilo began its journey in 2015 as a platform for connecting event participants. Until 2020, he had focused primarily on honing the science of audience engagement at live events.

As such, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in March 2020, unabashedly bringing to a halt the vibrant US $ 400 billion event industry, Hubilo saw an incredible opportunity to turn canceled live events. into virtual events that could connect even more people around the world. in a more practical and engaging way.

But the road to success has not been easy. In a conversation with INTERACTIVE-MARKETING, Cathy Song Novelli, senior vice president of marketing and communications at Hubilo, said that while 2020 has seen the rise of virtual events, it is also the year that zoom fatigue has entered almost every home.

“This fatigue has spread like wildfire because almost all virtual meetings and event platforms have been designed just to connect people, not to engage them,” said Novelli, who joined the company. in April 2021.

“We pivoted quickly and challenged ourselves to reimagine the future of events. We have redesigned the way people connect, learn, interact and do more business, virtually, ”she added.

This pivot, from live to virtual events, led Hubilo to successfully raise two funding rounds in 2020. The first was a $ 4.5 million round of funding (lead investor Lightspeed India) and the second was a round. Series A $ 23.5 million (Principal Investor Lightspeed, with Balderton Capital).

This article was written in collaboration with Hubilo.

A rebranding in progress

Knowing that its platform was built for engagement and event excellence, in 2021, the brand, with more than 300 employees, is now undergoing a refresh to ensure the market understands its unique positioning and differentiation.

Novelli said INTERACTIVE-MARKETING Hubilo’s brand identity and history no longer clearly expresses its value to event planners.

“Hubilo’s mission is to drive engagement – above all – to drive better business results. The engagement with your deeply marked experience, coupled with our proactive, full-time customer support team, ensures that every event hosted on the Hubilo platform runs flawlessly every time, ”she said.

When asked why the rebranding was happening in the middle of the year, she explained that beyond virtual / hybrid is here to stay, the industry is now at a crossroads. trying to better understand what hybrid means and how Hubilo should start dipping his toe in. As such, the company quickly launched its new branding to market to the industry its expertise in running virtual and in-person events, and to ensure that their customer success teams are always available to help. help plan, execute and provide post-event analysis. hybrid events.

Plus, this was in line with the fact that the events industry is undergoing an overhaul, with many marketers now re-evaluating how events are viewed. This has placed Hubilo in an expert position with the industry’s largest suite of engagement features and one of the most robust branding capabilities on the market. As such, Hubilo was eager to share his brand’s story with the community at large – and especially with event planners looking to stay ahead of hybrid trends and engagement.

Taking charge of the redesign shortly after being hired, Novelli added that refreshing the brand had been one of its top priorities in recent months. Once the strategy was defined, the company mobilized and carried out a complete rebranding in a month.

“This is our first real entry into the market. Hubilo had not, until now, done any substantial marketing. So when we knew we were ready to share our story with the world, we wanted to make sure our brand story was relevant, ”she said.

“The market can now expect to see a wave of thought leadership, video programming, engaging events and fun / thoughtful social content from Hubilo. “

Novelli also shared that much of the brand refresh has been executed in-house, with the newly defined branding strategy activated by Liesl Leary-Perez, vice president of corporate marketing at Hubilo, and creative director Andrew. Williams. Its positioning was created around three main axes.

  • by Hubilo Fully dedicated 24/7 customer success team enables excellence in event execution at all levels – it is an absolute differentiator that only Hubilo offers.
  • Hubilo also offers the industry’s largest suite of engagement / gamification features, designed to meet key event planners engagement KPIs. The Hubilo Engagement Cloud has also been proven to drive better event / business results.
  • Finally, many brands, EMCs and associations have switched to Hubilo because it offers the most robust branding capabilities, so that when attendees join an event, they know who is hosting the event.

What the future holds

Novelli also explained that the growth of Hubilo’s largest markets – the United States, Europe and Asia – has come largely without too much marketing spend. As such, with the launch of the brand’s new global marketing in June, the team is optimistic to propel growth in the United States, Southeast Asia and Europe.

“With the world slowly opening up again, Hubilo, with deep expertise in event engagement, is helping event planners pivot once again – this time from virtual to hybrid events,” he said. she declared.

“By combining the unique advantages of the virtual, which include data, personalization, cost / time efficiency and return on investment, with those of the face-to-face, such as human connectivity and impressive in-person activations, Hubilo enables organizers to redefine what their events are capable of. . “

In the future, the company seeks to position itself as a leader in:

  • White Glove Service – White Glove Customer Success Teams allow event planners to once again focus on how to deliver amazing and creative experiences.
  • Engagement – Hubilo has the industry’s largest suite of engagement and gamification features, proven to deliver a better experience for attendees.
  • Comprehensive Branding – Hubilo’s robust suite of branding capabilities enable customers to build their brand and activate their messaging.

Ultimately, the company’s mission is to foster human relationships through reimagined events.

“The future of events is being defined – and our world-class team is leading forward in throwing the status quo event model out and finding new, more impactful ways to engage audiences online and in person, ”Novelli said.



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