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With the growing number of companies using LinkedIn in 2022, do you know what type of content will increase your chances of raising your company’s profile and lead to more brand building?

According to the data, 79% of B2B marketers view LinkedIn as an abundant source of leads, while LinkedIn is also responsible for over 50% of social traffic on B2B websites and blogs.

With so much potential for exposure, companies need to direct their marketing to the channels and strategies most likely to pay off. As Judi Fox, a LinkedIn marketing expert, said, “The best advice for a LinkedIn Company Page is to balance the time spent creating content against the ROI for the business generated.” .

The most successful LinkedIn Company Pages seem to have a content strategy based on a consistent mix of native documents, videos, images, and text posts, proving that diversity matters.

By analyzing 141,474 company posts from 1,126 LinkedIn Pages, Socialinsider & Cloud Campaign’s LinkedIn Content Study offers some interesting insights into LinkedIn’s average CTR and Page reach potential.

  • Publish more native documents – this generates the most clicks

In the case of B2B companies, LinkedIn is known to be the most effective social media platform for promotion, having an average conversion rate three times higher than any other network.

Highlighting the stats revealed by the data, it appears that in 2022, native documents generate 3x more clicks than any other type of content, with LinkedIn’s click-through rate averaging 2.20% .

PS: Native docs are PDFs that, when uploaded directly to LinkedIn, display like an Instagram carousel.

LinkedIn Average CTR by Impression Share — Image Credit: Socialinsider; LinkedIn pages 1,126; Jan.2021-Apr.2022; Thanks.

The fact that native documents alone achieve a click-through rate of between 3.5% and 8.6% on average is the best proof of how LinkedIn’s algorithm works.

Like any other social media network, LinkedIn rewards content the most for keeping users on the platform longer. Without having link insertions that will cause subscribers to leave the platform, and thanks to scrolling slides, native documents manage to do just that.

Increase your number of video posts – video content is the most engaging content on LinkedIn

Video content is one of the most trending posts on all social networks. this is old news now.

These days, videos make up about 15-20% of social media posts, regardless of platform.

Everyone is so excited about video content because it’s immersive and easy to consume. Add an eye-catching idea to the mix, and here’s probably the next viral social media campaign.

However, with an average LinkedIn impression engagement rate of 3.16%, videos seem to be the most engaging type of content for small to medium-sized accounts only.

In the case of larger profiles (between 50,000 and more than 100,000 followers), the engagement landscape is slightly different. Pages with such a following seem to gain more engagement through native materials and unique images.

Average engagement per LinkedIn impression
LinkedIn Average Engagement Per Impressions — Image Credit: Socialinsider; LinkedIn pages 1,126; Jan.2021-Apr.2022; Thanks.

When developing their LinkedIn content strategy, B2B companies should also consider overall social media trends and, at the same time, trends regarding their niche and account size, as there could be significant differences. , as evidenced by the data.

Nevertheless, as the numbers offer some guidelines, testing remains the ultimately reliable way to create a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Average page coverage rate on LinkedIn
Average page coverage on LinkedIn — Image credit: Socialinsider; LinkedIn pages 1,126; Jan.2021-Apr.2022; Thanks.

Since reach and engagement are the two most important metrics for social media managers, after looking at LinkedIn content in terms of engagement, some Linkedin Page stats; scope are worth mentioning.

While LinkedIn’s average page reach rate is 3.49% in 2022, smaller accounts (less than 5,000 followers) manage to reach the bulk of their audience, with an average page reach rate of 6.17%.

On the other side of the spectrum, accounts with between 50 and 100,000 followers struggle the most to get their messages across to their audience on LinkedIn, with an average page reach rate of just 1.63%.


With all of this information, you can start your LinkedIn Page audit to see where you score above and below average and improve your LinkedIn content strategy going forward.

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