LinkedIn study shares interesting information about Gen Z on the platform


Gen Z and Millennials are arguably the biggest users of social media, and perhaps the Internet in general. But it’s not just about reuniting with friends and family anymore, posting memes and seeing yourself as the king of hashtags – they’re using it to get jobs in creative ways.

Kahlil Greene was a student at Yale University determined to educate others about social movements and African American culture. Known as “The Gen Z Historian” on Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn, he was able to post lesser-known facts and stories from history, totaling 1.3 million views very quickly, catching the attention of employers. . Now with over 500,000 subscribers across all major platforms, Greene is moving into consulting with a focus on public education.

“I think it’s the thing that people don’t realize that social media is everywhere, and it’s in keeping with every lifestyle you want,” says Greene.

Another TikToker, Emily Zugay, has over 2 million subscribers on the platform thanks to the hilarious overhaul of the brand logos. His personality of knocking down brand choices with such a dry delivery will surely make you laugh. She appeared on Ellen and many brands changed their logos based on her suggestions, including McDonald’s, NFL, Tinder, Doritos, and Nascar. Just announced, Panera Bread is making Limited Holiday Mugs by Emily Zugay, taking a stab at Starbucks that usually creates the mad rush for holiday mugs. While she hasn’t spoken publicly about taking on a new role due to her wacky design efforts, she has been approached for many partnership collaborations and is marketing herself as a content creator on the platform in order to to accumulate the dough.

Having the perfect one-page resume, and perhaps a hint of personalization in the cover letter (which no one likes to write and hardly anyone reads), is no longer the secret to landing a job. 92% of companies use social networks to hire.

“Building a personal brand doesn’t have to be scary, difficult or time-consuming. You just have to be yourself. Consistent posts, a few follow-ups, and a few direct messages can go a long way in opening doors. “

TikTok has launched a pilot application program at the Abbreviated Video Powerhouse by Well, creating a TikTok on the platform. In 48 hours, 800 videos were submitted with #TikTokResumes in their captions. Shifting from internal to external hiring, the program allowed job seekers to apply with their videos on Chipotle, Target, Shopify, and more.

Want to get in on the action but don’t know where to start? Unfortunately, TikTok submissions are now closed, but you can still follow these tips to start getting creative for your next career development: Adopt the tools of the platform, do your research on the company you’re applying for , make connections on the platform and within the company, show off your accomplishments like you would in a typical CV, and be yourself!

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