Outplay announces 30Under30 SDRs in India


Each year, lists covering the top ’30Under30′ professionals are released to reward individuals in their industry. After realizing the lack of holistic recognition of sales development reps in India, Outplay – a multi-channel business engagement platform released the first-ever “30Under30” for a role that is not generally recognized. Behind every deal that’s made, there’s the first line of defense and unsung heroes who continually experience rejection and yet are constantly trying to attract the right clientele.

Outplay is a leading multi-channel commerce engagement platform known for aligning its features with the growing commerce needs of every business. They have disrupted the sales market by providing a customizable system for each customer and at the same time believe in respecting the leadership and responsibility of each employee. To develop this spirit, Outplay has developed an initiative that focuses primarily on recognizing and rewarding the potential of Sales Development Representatives.

The creation of the DTS ’30Under30′

The idea originated at Outplay when they found that few people outside of the sales industry knew about the role an SDR plays in the process of closing a sale. Every day, SDRs work to get the best leads, align leads with SQL and MQLs, and strategize their cold calls as well as their emails. Their constant hustle to keep pipelines full, while dealing with releases and never giving up is very important to the sales process. All those pointers added to the curation of ’30Under30′ and then the excitement started.

The first phase of the process: They launched the first phase of finding the best “30Under30” with a nationwide hunt to reach SDRs across locations, age groups and different sales areas. The responses they received and the enthusiasm they witnessed were unprecedented. In fact, they got around 500 entries as soon as word got out!

CEO Quote

The following statement from Laxman Papineni, CEO of Outplay, pretty much sums up the feeling the team felt during the first phase of registrations:

“All of these stories had one thing in common. All of them love what they’re doing right now and they’d love to get an appreciation for all the fuss they’re putting in as SDRs. And that’s what we’re here for!

We’ll be sure to share untold stories of all the superheroes jostling to be the first line of defense, dealing with rejections every two minutes, and still jostling to keep the pipelines full” – Laxman Papineni, CEO of Outplay

To give you an overview of the first round, the idea was to understand the context and to have an overview of the work style of the candidates. The best part of this round was the kind of entries we received from across the country. The questionnaire consisted of basic details and helped us understand the motivation behind becoming an SDR for each of our potentials DTS ’30Under30′.

Enter the second phase

After getting the basic details in the first round, all entries were moved to the second round.

This round was very interesting for the core team, mainly because when writing the questionnaire, they only aimed to collect stories – but by reviewing the entries, they ended up collecting experiences, each unique to the struggle of each.

The criteria for this round helped them choose the next 79 candidates to submit to the Jury Round. The first question was a killer cadence email template t. The second question was about a true testament to the spirit of an SDR. The idea was to know the moments when they succeeded in turning the situation around and converting a “non-response” from a customer who turned around into a positive response. The judges wanted to balance the results in both aspects – qualitative and quantitative. Thus, goals and completion rate have also been added to this list. After that, the list was sent to the final judgment call – one that consisted of great experience and informed judgment.

Jury final

The final round of judging included Prakhar Jain from Whatfix, Anupreet Singh from Slintel, Archana Lokesh from Zendesk and Kartik Mandaville from SpringWorks. Each of the leaders carefully reviewed each candidate’s responses from the first round, then gave their expert opinion – the last 30 SDRs.

Want to know who made our top 30 list? Check it here!

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