Salary Finance Selects GVNG as Workplace Giving Platform for Employer Partners


A new partnership advances the shared goal of providing employers with tools to increase employee engagement and wellbeing.

GVNG makes it easy for employers to empower their workforce to give to the causes that matter to every individual, delivering a benefit proven to elevate feelings of purpose and connection.

—Kyle C. Murphy

BOSTON, MA, USA, Jan. 19, 2022 / — Salary Finance, the leading global provider of socially responsible workplace finance products, today announced a partnership with GVNG, a platform of financial products and technology that empowers citizen philanthropists. Adding GVNG and its GVNG Wallet to the list of tools available to Salary Finance Employer Partners provides the opportunity to increase employee engagement and well-being.

A recent study found that over 70% of employees said it was very important to work for an employer where the mission and values ​​align, and that working for a company where the culture encourages giving is very important. . GVNG allows users to contribute money, assets, and cryptos to their account, gaining an immediate tax benefit. Participating employers can easily match donations and send funds to their employees’ GVNG wallets as incentives or rewards. At their own pace, GVNG users donate funds to any US charity directly within the app. GVNG users also have the opportunity to increase their impact through tax-deductible crowdfunding campaigns.

“With the effects of the ‘Great Resignation’ all around us, we know employers are looking for ways to bring meaning to the workplace,” said Daniel Shahkani, founder of Salary Finance. “GVNG offers the ability for our customers to engage with their employees through a giving program that does not necessarily require the employee to have equity in order to donate. While Salary Finance products are a tool for employers to help struggling employees with financial stability, GVNG will allow companies to reward employees with funds that they can donate to their favorite causes. Hopefully, over time, when the employee has reduced their debt and caught up on their financial obligations, they will be inspired to continue giving and helping others.

Other research shows that more than 75% of employees said the ability to choose causes close to their hearts is imperative to a positive giving experience, and nearly 30% said they don’t donate. workplace because the causes they care about are not available. as a choice.

“GVNG makes it easy for employers to empower their employees to give to the causes that matter to every individual, delivering a benefit that’s been proven to elevate feelings of purpose and connection,” said Kyle C. Murphy, CEO of GVNG Technology, the technology arm. from GVNG. “GVNG and Salary Finance both aim to provide employers with tools to increase engagement and encourage financial stability, thereby contributing to overall well-being – something we know workers want when looking for meaning in their jobs. life.”

About Salary Financing
Salary Finance’s mission is to improve the financial health of American workers by providing access to socially responsible financial products in the workplace. When employees can access affordable credit, reduce bad debts and increase their savings, they are happier and more productive at work, and more likely to achieve long-term financial stability. Employers benefit from improved retention and engagement at no additional cost. Our award-winning technology platform enables us to offer better inclusive financial products such as high interest savings accounts, access to affordable credit and personalized financial education. Salary Finance is a corporate partner of United Way Worldwide and works with over 600 of the world’s leading employers. Salary Finance is a founding member of the Conscious Capitalism Senior Leaders Network, a member of the American FinTech Council, and winner of Finovate’s Best Consumer Lending Solution award for 2021. To learn more, please visit

About GVNG
GVNG is as much a philosophy as it is a financial product and platform – it is designed to increase giving by giving the citizen philanthropist the tools, inspiration and support to become a better giver. The GVNG Wallet is like a 401k for donations, individuals, businesses and other organizations can contribute cash, crypto, stocks and bonds and get a tax benefit immediately, while providing a transparent pathway to donate to over 1.6 million charities over time. Unique to GVNG, users can amplify their impact by launching their own tax-deductible crowdraising campaigns to support their favorite charitable causes. GVNG is integrated with payroll and banks to ensure donations are always part of the overall picture of financial well-being. GVNG provides a unified picture of the impact over time with a single tax receipt at the end of the year. The GVNG Wallet is administered by GVNGorg, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (a California public benefit nonprofit corporation) and powered by GVNG Technology, Inc. To learn more, visit at

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