– Meet the 14 companies of the BETA fall 2021 cohort


What you need to know about the latest BETA cohort:

  • BETA announced its new cohort comprising 14 startups from various sectors
  • Participants in the five-month, non-dilutive free accelerator will benefit from one-on-one coaching, input from community experts, and access to a network of fellow founders.
  • This will be BETA’s fourth virtual cohort

Learn more about the participating companies by reading the descriptions below (courtesy of BETA).

Tim Welle, Lori J. Wiles

DXD Ag Insights provides data products and services to help agronomists process and analyze their field observations and other agricultural data into useful information and insights that their customers value. They develop software that applies data science, visualization and machine learning methods to accelerate and improve their learning process from their observations and communication of information and knowledge.

Eri O’Diah, Jazmia Henry

SIID â„¢ Technologies applies big data and emerging technologies to assess, discover and correct the influence of unconscious human biases on decision making and communication.

Neal wozniak

Euverita was founded by healthcare veterans to provide patients with a better way to access medical diagnostics. It is a provider of mobile medical tests and diagnostics with the technology that brings the lab literally to the patient’s doorstep, filling a critical gap with the current telemedicine system.

Davis clark

Futuremodel is an interactive web application that instantly generates an end-to-end data pipeline, from mining to transformation, exploration and collaboration. It allows a group of people to sketch their business, connect to any data source, and navigate their data graph through an immersive, visualization-rich interface.

Sarah brown

Gatherwell provides mobile, on-site and drive-thru laboratory and healthcare services. Their model of care is determined to bring greater value and convenience to individuals. They embrace and respect patient engagement and transparency to disrupt the status quo of health insurance and convenient care options.

Thomas kosgei

IntelligentRx is a healthcare savings innovation company with a mission to increase everyone’s access to affordable prescription drugs. Their platform provides a prescription price comparison tool with free coupons that can be used to save up to 85% off the retail price of drugs at over 80,000 drugstores in the United States.

Xiaofan Mai, Yingshu Zhou

IntelliU combines MedTech design expertise and AI capabilities to help MedTech companies reduce product risk and accelerate time to market in a cost effective manner. They provide an AI-powered platform that addresses the unmet needs of automated design input analysis and design story writing to dramatically reduce human error and design time, as well as to provide digital evidence reports for FDA claims.

Quyen Balter, Eugène Medynskiy

The goal of Peach Mindfulness is to make mindfulness simple and easily accessible to everyone. He aims to develop a consistent and sustainable practice to support his mental well-being. Peach Mindfulness uses an artificial intelligence-powered conversational technology platform that delivers meditation and mindfulness practices to consumers and businesses.

Mark Osuna Senn, Pablo Alguindigue

Scopa Analytics has created a markup platform that allows users / groups to link to multiple URLs from a single image or piece of content.

Chris Lukenbill, Andy Vig is the community engagement platform that makes sharing and discovering adventures in your community fun and easy. They partner with hospitality offices and hotels to showcase businesses and attractions, allowing travelers to explore ‘like a local’. Simplify marketing efforts and deliver more engaging content that inspires more travelers!

Pejman Ghorbanzade

Touca helps engineering teams understand the real impact of code changes on the behavior and performance of their software. Their product greatly reduces the risk of code changes in critical systems. They want to make software maintenance 10 times more efficient by reducing the feedback cycle from when software engineers change code to when they are convinced it is working the way they want it to.

Jazz Hampton, Andre Creighton, Mychal Frelix, Mike Nathan

TurnSignl is a Minnesota-based technology company that provides real-time, on-demand legal advice from attorneys to drivers, while their camera records the interaction. Their mission is to provide a technology-based solution to protect the civil rights of drivers, defuse roadside interactions, and ensure civilians and police return home safely at the end of the day.

Katie shahan

Yarlow provides homeowners with a “user’s guide” on how to take care of their home. Users receive alerts on due maintenance (i.e. change furnace filter, fertilize lawn, add salt to water softener, etc.) and can track receipts for the furnace. ‘maintenance, upgrades and warranty information.

Travis Hyde

YoYoBoat is the first boat rental market designed specifically to connect owners of boats under 26 feet with verified rental companies.


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