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Imagine opening gifts on your wedding day, to find a photo and / or signed letter of your favorite actor, actress, musician, politician, academic, motivational speaker, athlete, author, artist or fashion designer speaking directly to you as s were they there with you on your special day? This is exactly what happened to Carl Padilla on his wedding day three years ago that gave birth to what is now known as Celeb Gap.

Padilla, who was a huge fan of CMA artist Thomas Rhett, had planned to do his first dance with his wife to Rhett’s song, “Dying a happy man. ”

What he didn’t know was that Rhett already knew it, thanks to his friend who played golf with a major record company who worked regularly with Rhett.

Carl then launched Celeb Gap in 2016, after receiving an envelope from his friend on his wedding day, containing a signed portrait of his favorite country artist, Thomas Rhett, with the message – “Hope you still remember your first dance– knowing that Carl and his wife would dance their first dance to Rhett’s “Die a Happy Man”.

I will never forget the day Sean came to give me this envelope. I opened it and chills ran through my spine. Tears fell to my eyes. I was speechless and overwhelmed with emotion. There in my shaking hands was a picture of Thomas Rhett, signed ‘Hope you will always remember your first dance. ‘”

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked market demand for fans and celebrities to interact more closely with each other, giving birth and popularity to the ecosystem of celebrity engagement platforms.

Carl Padilla | Photo courtesy of Celeb Gap

After creating a platform for fans and talents to have a more personalized experience with each other to send each other gifts and / or have real-time moments with each other, Carl created a new business model that differed from other video messaging platforms in the industry, providing arguably the most personalized fan-celebrity experience to date.

With over 70 admin agent portals active on the platform to ensure that orders and talent are supported, a fan will have the ability to browse the platform’s growing list of talent. once he has created a profile.

“If a particular talent is not available or inactive at the time of their search, they can choose a ‘follow’ option on the talent profile, which will notify them the next time the talent becomes available,” says Padilla. “Once a talent is active, the fan only needs to select the service they wish to purchase including, but not limited to, a scream, a video game session, an autograph, a video call, etc.

As for the talent, once the fan has made a purchase, they will receive an SMS and an email informing them that they have an order. If there is a video game session or video call, it will be based on the talent’s schedule, with the talent reserving the right to refuse any order for any reason.

Over the years, celebrity messaging platforms such as Cameo, Community, Memmo, TrueFan, GoNuts and many more have helped bridge the gap between fans and celebrities, which would allow fans to ask for thanks or personalized messages to their favorite celebrities, in exchange for a certain amount of money.

However, Padilla’s mission to make a platform like Celeb Gap thrive in the celebrity engagement platform realm meant personalizing that relationship even more. Their social mission is to provide a user experience that allows fans and celebrities to connect in ways that were not available before.

For example, the ability to participate in real-time video game sessions with talent is a feature that some of the platform’s competitors have yet to implement in their ecosystems.

Padilla came from a sales and recruiting background before launching Celeb Gap, but his whole career path changed on his wedding day, opening him up to a wave of emotions he wanted to share with as many people as possible. , to make each day the more special that her wedding day was.

That’s why Padilla has created an avenue where a user can request an autograph, video chat, or real-time gaming session with their favorite celebrity.

In an interview with PopWrapped, the Celeb Gap team shared their take on the current celebrity engagement platform landscape and why their upcoming release is helping bridge the gap between fantasy and reality.

What is missing ?

According to Celeb Gap, the ability to “play with a celebrity” has been the most exciting part of this platform’s ability.

“By every definition, you will literally be spending time with your favorite celebrity, playing a game of the talent’s choice virtually,” says Padilla. “Whether you’re fighting side-by-side in Call of Duty or having a one-on-one in a Madden game, you now have what was a once-in-a-lifetime experience right at your fingertips.”

The pandemic has generated a call to advocate for mental health

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic along with advocacy for mental health have helped spark a real need for a platform like Celeb Gap and have helped bridge that gap between fans and celebrities.

“The pandemic has affected everyone in this country so much that isolation has truly become our reality for some time. Our platform will provide these people with an escape in a COVID-free way that never imagined possible, providing a way for talented people to connect with their fans, while in-person events still recover. “

You can network with talents

Beyond simple requests, fans and talents can use the platform to expand their professional networks, connecting with each other beyond simple social interaction.

For Padilla, he personally used his own platform to propose to his wife, asking the talent to tell him to “turn around” on the scream in the video, with him on his knees, the CEO of Celeb Gap said in a statement. interview with Digital Journal.

“Fans can use video calls for coaching sessions and jam sessions, if they are aimed at talented musicians.

Streamers can use talented video game sessions to coach and / or simply connect with their loyal subscribers in an effort to promote the things they have going on.

Talents can use the platform as an alternative source of income, choosing whether they want this income to be donated to charity, or using it to connect with their fans in different ways that can be shared across the channels. social networks and promoted under their own brands.

The bottom line is that Celeb Gap appears to have everything the market has to offer right now, with a user-friendly platform that takes “interaction” to the next level, while taking less out of the pocket of talent at 19%, compared to to competitors who take about 25% and more.

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