The new president of the FAMU Alumni National Association aims for a new goal


It’s been nearly two weeks since Curtis Johnson, Jr. of Florida A&M University was sworn in as the new president of the National Alumni Association, and doubling the current membership of 5,000 is his primary ambition.

Johnson, a 52-year-old Fort Pierce native, succeeds former president Gregory Clark, after serving on the association’s board of directors as sergeant-at-arms for two and a half years.

“I have every confidence in President Johnson to take up the torch and continue to move this association forward,” Clark told the Democrat. Clark served as president for six years for two terms, with his first term beginning in 2016.

Johnson and Clark have a long history as college mates at FAMU and brothers in the Beta Nu chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, of which Johnson was president as an undergrad. Johnson earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1990 and earned his master’s degree in business administration in 1992 at the university.

Former National Alumni Association President Gregory Clark (left), Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee Chair Doris Hicks (center), and NAA President Curtis Johnson, Jr. (right) take a photo during the 2022 NAA convention held in Tallahassee in June.

The alumni association has proposed a budget of $1 million for the 2022-2023 fiscal year, with planned funding coming from membership dues, fundraising efforts and sponsorships. To become a member, the annual fee is $50 while the one-time fee is $750. Members of the association represent approximately 6% of the total number of FAMU alumni, or more than 80,000.

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Johnson is a part-time city commissioner in Fort Pierce, Florida, and is the founder and CEO of The CUVEY Group, LLC, a Florida-based marketing and human resources consulting firm.

Curtis Johnson, Jr. is the president of the National Alumni Association at Florida A&M University.

Johnson spoke to the Tallahassee Democrat about his new role and involvement at the university:

Q: After graduating from FAMU, what made you want to keep getting involved after all these years?

A: “I have been a life member of the alumni association since 2009, so I believe in standing up for the university and providing a pathway for those who come behind me to have the same success I had in earning a degree. of FAMU. These things align with the mission of what the National Alumni Association does and will continue to do. This is how I prefer to return my money. I prefer to give it to an organization that will make sure that they support the children who come to FAMU and the children who leave FAMU. »

Q: How would you explain prioritizing FAMU while having other responsibilities?

A: “Without a doubt, I absolutely can. I wouldn’t have run for office if I couldn’t put in the time. It’s because I have flexibility in my schedule while running my own business. and being a part-time municipal commissioner.

Q: What are you planning to do to increase NAA membership?

A: “We want to have 10,000 active memberships. My goal is to communicate and activate the Rattlers and provide them with what they are looking for at our national conferences as well as the experiences at certain major events, such as major football games.

We certainly engage the Rattler fanbase, understand what they are looking for, and deliver those things while asking them to be part of the National Alumni Association.

Q: What are the main goals you hope to achieve in your first year as NAA President?

A: “My first year is specifically about making sure we stand up for FAMU and get the commitment from the Alumni Association. We want to make sure that for the legislative season, we are engaged and active on behalf of Florida A&M University to secure the funds we will need to continue operating.

We also want to be active in inclusive environments this year as we have football games – Homecoming, Jackson State University, Southern University and Orange Blossom Classic. We want to have great events that graduates can be very proud of in order to attract more people towards our goal of 10,000.”

Q: What are some of the reactions and comments you’ve received about this new role?

A: “I’m excited about the feedback I’ve received from the Rattlers, and they’re excited about the vision and communication that will follow as we move towards our goal of having more active alumni.” We are going to need all Rattlers to be part of this organization to help us continue to support FAMU.

Enthusiasm is on the rise, people are excited and eager to learn more and see even more from the National Alumni Association so they can be part of its success.

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