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Stockholm, Sweden – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Track, the game distribution platform that makes meaningful and engaging gaming ultra-accessible, today officially rolled out of stealth mode to publicly launch its SDK, allowing game developers to bring studio-quality games to the browser, with a focus on those created in Unity. . Trail’s mission is to break down barriers to gaming by providing creators with tools to make their games more accessible, easily discoverable, and viral shareable – with games just a click away from billions of potential gamers. Downloads and installations hinder the fun; Trail removes these obstacles to make frictionless play a reality. No worries, just play.

Leveraging WebGL 2.0 and WebAssembly, Trail is the first to streamline professional web game development to make more games available anytime, anywhere. This next-generation technological platform enables Unity game developers to enjoy all the benefits of the browser, while providing gamers with an exceptional, rich, engaging and satisfying gaming experience.

“The recent explosion in game creation has spawned tons of innovative new content, but existing game distribution platforms lack the tools developers need to innovate and connect with entirely different audiences. . Meanwhile, continuous improvements in microprocessing have made the most popular laptops compatible with gaming, ”says Willem Demmers, Founder and CEO of Trail. “Trail aims to bridge this gap between development for native platforms and WebGL, where creators can reach billions of untapped potential players. Developers find it difficult to be heard above the noise; Trail simplifies the way they can share their games, from creation and distribution to performance and analysis.

Trail is redefining the gaming landscape with its developer philosophy and belief that games should be easily accessible to everyone, without the hassle of installs and paywalls or a need for professional grade gear.

Create, share, play … with Trail

The games are fun and Trail thinks they should be easier to access, but billions of potential players are being left behind by tedious connections and exclusive subcultures. Trail allows anyone to enjoy new gaming experiences with one click, and invite and play with friends just by sending them a link – it’s as easy as watching and sharing a fun video. And for the first time, professional games can be integrated directly into a web page.

“The major advantage of Trail is the simplicity it brings to trying out a game with instant sharing via links and integration,” commented player Erveon, CEO of Oddshot Games, developer of Slap Shot: Bounce, which has grown to nearly 500,000 active players over the past year. “It’s very difficult to get people to visit a website, find our game, download it, start it, and so on. Each obstacle is another point for them to fall. Trail makes things so much easier – give them a link, they click and they’re in the game. It’s great to give players immediate access to Slap shot without any of the barriers. He has enormous potential.

By enabling smooth, latency-free gameplay in the browser, Trail brings the full business potential of underserved games to a much larger population, while giving developers the tools they need to market and grow their audiences. By using the Trail Unity SDK extension, creators can easily integrate new and existing Unity games on the platform, from mobile games seeking new computer audiences, to indie PC games seeking to reach more players or a whole new game concept ready to go viral. No remote or cloud streaming needed.

A vision for developers first

Trail envisions an online gaming platform for both developer and developer, with a favorable income distribution and incentives that reward creators for their influence and innovation. With Trail, developers can take control of their destiny and break free from industry gatekeepers, gaining better player access and insightful analytics to boost engagement.

Demmers comments: “In stealth mode, we have worked with a small number of Unity developers who are excited to be a part of the growth of Trail. With this launch, we are encouraging others to join with us in creating a community where developers can become independent of the distribution channels that control their player acquisition process, apply unfair revenue allocations, and limit engagement with their players. own player base.

Being in the browser gives Trail full attribution, which makes it much easier to understand the player’s journey compared to other game distribution platforms. This information will soon be available to Trail developers via an analytics dashboard, which will help them understand and learn more about their players – where new traffic is coming from, and even where players are dropping out or having a negative experience. . This information will allow developers to make quick fixes and even better long-term decisions. And because Trail games are browser-based and rely on WebGL 2.0, developers can iterate quickly and even run sophisticated A / B tests to deliver the highest quality performance without having deep pockets or overload resources.

Trail provides developers with a holistic approach to building games for the web with tools that overcome the problem of an not yet mature or reliable ecosystem, leveling the playing field and making the web, with its accessibility and shareability. intrinsic, a viable alternative for the development of professional games. . From start to finish, the game creation process in Trail empowers developers every step of the way, ensuring games are fully optimized for the web, with a comprehensive payment solution, progressive download, post-processing to improve performance. , player authentication and account management, adaptive quality, and more customizable settings that developers have been looking for.

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About the trail

Founded in 2016, Trail is a Stockholm-based startup that breaks down barriers to gambling by providing tools to make games more accessible, easily discoverable and viral shareable. Leveraging next-generation web technologies, Trail goes beyond traditional browser gaming boundaries to streamline professional web game development, helping creators reach a billion-dollar untapped market. No downloads, no installs, no paywalls – just play.

Trail raised a second seed investment of € 2 million in 2020 led by a Stockholm-based seed fund Lighting companies, with additional support from a New York-based investment fund Maximum number of companies, and Eldridge, a holding company headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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