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Nicole Beebe leads a class in the cybersecurity program at Alvarez College of Business.

AUGUST 17, 2022 – UTSA’s cybersecurity degree has been named “degree of the future” by a new list curated by Gizmodo and Statista. This designation recognizes the UTSA program as one of the best cybersecurity programs in the United States

The 2022 Degree of the Future list identifies the top universities in the 25 fields of study, according to Gizmodo and Statista, that will define the 21st century. The list includes fields such as cybersecurity, data science, diversity and gender studies, and environmental engineering.

This new recognition bolsters UTSA’s premier cybersecurity program, which is housed at the Carlos Alvarez College of Business. In 2021, Intelligent.com ranked the program #2 among all bachelor’s degree programs on its Top 50 Cybersecurity Degree Programs.

The nationally ranked and recognized Alvarez College of Business is one of the top 40 business schools in the nation and offers a comprehensive curriculum at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.

Gizmodo and Statista evaluated more than 10,000 applications for the roster from college professors, administrators, human resources professionals, recruiters, students, and alumni. Institutional data reflecting institution and faculty quality, costs, and graduation statistics were used to assist in scoring. Bibliometric data highlighting the impact of scientific articles published by an institution in a particular field of study was also a factor.

UTSA cybersecurity students will be encouraged by the university’s new School of Data Science and National Security Collaboration Center, which opened in January. The new school is the only one of its kind in Texas and is focused on training the cybersecurity experts, data scientists, analysts and researchers of tomorrow who are needed to fill gaps in emerging technology fields.


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