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HONG KONG SAR – News Direct – December 8, 2021 – WATI.io (WhatsApp Team Inbox), a comprehensive WhatsApp customer engagement tool for small businesses, has raised $ 8.3 million in Series A led by Sequoia Capital India with the participation of Surge, Base Partners and several distinguished angels, including Gokul Rajaram, member of the management team of DoorDash and member of the board of directors of Coinbase and Pinterest. WATI.io has more than 3,000 customers in 54 countries, including India, Indonesia and Brazil. Over the past 6 months, WATI’s customer base has grown fourfold, revenue has grown fivefold and 100 million messages have been processed. They are now a team of 41 members in seven countries. Through this fundraiser, they have raised a total of $ 10 million in the past six months. Funds raised will be used to strengthen technology and product development by expanding product integrations. It will also serve to double the size of the teams and improve their presence in Latin America.

Founder of WATI – Bianca Ho and Ken Yeung

Messaging is the most popular way for humans to connect today. COVID-19 has changed our lives online. Customers expect brands to serve them on the channels they are most comfortable with. So when customers are able to contact brands on platforms like WhatsApp that they are already familiar with, it creates a higher level of trust for the brand. While there are many solutions for businesses to make this change, tens of millions of SMEs around the world are underserved. To meet customer expectations, SMEs use WhatsApp on their personal phones. This leads to bottlenecks with the relevance of support and the inability to scale.

WATI.io, launched by Ken Yeung and Bianca Ho at the end of 2020, fills this gap. Built on the WhatsApp API, it helps small businesses personalize conversations with customers at scale. WATI.io helps customer support, marketing and sales teams interact with customers using a single WhatsApp number. Because brands are able to get a holistic view of customer conversations between teams, they are also able to deliver a better user experience. WATI.io only focuses on creating personalized experiences on WhatsApp, also allowing them to quickly iterate new features on the platform.

“WATI’s mission is to help businesses do more with less. Our one-click integration with most commonly used tools like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. enables businesses to deliver holistic customer experiences at scale. We let’s look to use this funding to attract world class talent to help us build this. Ken Yeung, CEO

Businesses love WATI.io because it helps improve customer satisfaction without additional manpower and, in turn, improves revenue. This is possible through automation through WATI’s low-code workflow generator without relying on developers. Thanks to WATI’s API, SMBs can send personalized notifications programmatically from their system.

Especially in the case of e-commerce businesses, WATI’s one-click integrations with tools like Shopify, reduce the abandoned cart rate and help increase revenue. Marketers also rely heavily on sending targeted notifications to drive sales. High-growth startups are able to drive value with WATI’s suite of tools that allow them to collaborate and scale quickly. In addition to the thousands of SMEs, WATI customers include Dukaan, Oppo, VU TV, Gojek, Grab, Aerostreet.

“WATI’s mission is to help hundreds of millions of SMEs around the world communicate more effectively with their customers on one of the most ubiquitous messaging platforms – WhatsApp. more exciting is the expanded set of product possibilities ahead of the company as it capitalizes on the market opportunity. Sequoia Capital India is excited to deepen the partnership with Ken and Bianca in the next step of their WATI building journey. Abheek Anand, MD, Sequoia India

About WATI

Founded in 2020 in Hong Kong, WATI.io helps businesses have personalized conversations with their customers at scale. Built on WhatsApp’s Business API, it’s easy-to-use customer engagement software that focuses on automation and one-click integrations to help businesses do more with less.

WATI.io has been an official WhatsApp partner since 2019 and was part of Surge 05, Sequoia India’s rapid scale-up program for start-ups.

For more information visit: Social media iconhttps://www.wati.io/ or follow them on Social media iconInstagram, Social media iconLinkedIn or chat with them on Social media iconWhatsApp.


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