Windfall or bane of social networks? The panel discusses the pros, youth engagement and cons


In today’s era, social media is one of the factors why the world has become a global village where people sitting all over the world can voice their opinions or share their ordeal in order to get the assistance from the respective authorities. Importantly, during the COVID era, it was found that people were using social media as a tool to seek help and also get help. However, these are the same social media that were used to spread fake news that showed a person from a particular community being beaten to chant “Jai Shri Raam”.

Now, in Part Four of Republic TV’s “Social Media Summit” roundtables on Sunday, September 26, leading experts discussed “Social Media: Boon or Bane”. With Major Gaurav Arya (retired) as moderator, Smita Prakash, editor-in-chief at ANI; Madhoo Shah, actor; Sinan Aral, David Austin Professor of IT Marketing Management and Data Science and author of “The Hype Machine”; Shefali Vaidya, author, speaker, Fellow-Ananta Leadership Program shared her thoughts on the ongoing discussions.

“Social media is a boon and a bane,” says Smita Prakash, editor-in-chief of ANI

Expressing her opinion on the discussion on Republic TV’s ‘Social Media Summit’, Smita Prakash said, “Social media is a boon as well as a bane, however you look at it. stay and they are not going anywhere. I was one of the first users of social media, even though I was on traditional media. I completely believe that democratization of media was necessary. Traditional media belonged to the State. When social media first appeared, I felt it was about time. “

“The stranglehold of only a few voices, the people who took the voice of the people were very few but social networks really opened everything. It has its negative points of agreement, but the connectivity 24/24 is there, the free movement. It causes a lot of stress, okay, but there are just too many pros. It connects families, it gives us information. In the COVID era, you saw how it saved lives. gave information about vaccines, how to protect themselves, and to families how to keep them in isolation in certain areas. All of this information was transmitted via social media, ”added Prakash.

“I don’t dwell on troll attacks,” says Shefali Vaidya

Addressing the issue of cyberbullying and making her point on social media, Shefali Vaidya said, “Even when I entered social media, I put some golden rules in place for me that didn’t were not “on site” and out of mind. So when I’m there on social media I’m there on social media but when I’m offline I stop posting what I have to post to what I have to say. dwell on thousands of responses on my Facebook post. “

“I found social media to be a really, really wonderful medium. Before social media, big media, traditional media was a very controlled area with a lot of gatekeepers and someone like me wouldn’t be able to get across. his points without any editorial censorship. Social media has given me this platform where, if I can share my opinions with millions of people without any control, it is for me the greatest strength of social media, ”he said. added Shefali Vaidya.

“But as a mother of 3 teenagers, I am really, really appalled by the amount of time young people spend on social media at the cost of talking to real families, real friends, going out and spending all of their time on Instagram. So that concerns me a bit too, “added Shefali Vaidya.

“Social media gave me this platform to think out loud,” says Madho Shah

“I would like to recognize here, Shefali’s latest statement saying ‘it’s a tool.’ Social media is actually a tool, as someone else said it’s the knife you cut vegetables into. or you cut yourself in. I have two views on this, an actor who is on sabbatical, long hiatus and trying to get back into the profession, social media has been a godsend. Especially during the year pandemic and during times of lockdown it absolutely worked as a boon for me because I was more connected than isolated during that time because of social media, ”said Madho Shah.

“I connected with a lot of people and more than just an actor, I had a voice, I had a thought I wanted to share and social media gave me this platform to think out loud with a lot of people. And as I felt a lot of depression and a lot of pain over the last couple of years, my words had an impact and I was sharing my lessons and experiences. So totally I took it as a godsend. at that time, ”added Madho Shah.

“It’s up to us to decide how we regulate social media,” says Sinan Aral

“With technology, whether it’s AI or social media, we put out what we put in there. We have seen social media disrupt our economy, our elections, our democracies; we have also seen their help in fundraising during disasters. It’s up to us to see how we want to regulate and use social media to do more and avoid the dangers, ”said Sinan Aral.

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