Wunderkind & Salesforce Marketing to study the customer lifecycle


Wunderkind, a leading consumer engagement platform that scales personalized messaging for top brands, today announced a milestone in its partnership with leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) Salesforce, improving data sharing of Salesforce Marketing Cloud through direct integration with Journey Builder. Strategic integration will help brands better identify when consumers arrive on their website, increase the volume of triggered emails, and allow brands to prioritize their personalized messages over general marketing messages. Additionally, Wunderkind’s advanced on-site targeting, behavioral triggers, and deployments allow brands to capture new emails at the highest rate, fueling their Salesforce list.

“As e-commerce and digital advertising become increasingly competitive and consumer buying behavior continues to evolve, it is even more crucial for brands to deliver personalized experiences at every stage of the consumer journey. “, said Michael osborne, President of Wunderkind. “Wunderkind and Salesforce are ideal partners in helping to refine the consumer-retailer relationship and reach consumers with the right message at the right time. We are proud to integrate our best products to equip brands with the best marketing tools while maximizing their investment in the customer experience.

The integration of the Wunderkind-Salesforce Journey Builder sender ensures that brands have access to reports and analysis in one place. Wunderkind’s integration with Journey Builder also ensures that triggered emails merge with frequency throttling and suppression rules, meaning the right email sends are sent to the right people at the right time to generate. more income.

“As a fast growing e-commerce clothing retailer, we have struggled to determine when people are visiting our site and whether they have already signed up for our emails,” said Brigitte Barron, Global CRM & Customer Growth Director at elf Cosmetics. “By leveraging Wunderkind and the Salesforce suite of solutions, we were not only able to dramatically scale our individual emails, but also organize all communications, including Salesforce sends and triggered email sends, into one. place. We now have a better understanding of how and when our customers prefer to engage with our brand.

Wunderkind’s white glove technology and service has already been used by more than 70 Salesforce customers, enabling these brands to evolve their top performing emails. Major online retailers like G-Star Raw®, Clarks®, Rebecca taylor, Rag & Bone®, Sonos and Nautica also saw an increase of more than 4 times in revenue generated by email thanks to the integration.

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